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Jackie + Ed=Baby Bump | Blairsville, Pa Photography | { Bellies }

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Here’s the truth…..some people just glow! After the photos are taken and us photographers sit down at the computer to begin the editing process, we can’t edit in emotion. It’s either there the day of the shoot or it’s not. It’s not something that can be added in after the fact. How people interact in front of the lens determines the kind of photos you will get. With that said……look at them! I mean look at them!! I can’t help it I get all the good looking clients. LOL

I’ve known Jackie for ages…..since elementary school when we both began our days of cheerleading. She was the top (aka flier) and I was her base (aka-the person who caught her). We dropped her a few times, she gave us a black eye a few times…you know, it was THAT kind of relationship! Tee he he! I have so many funny memories that I could go on for DAYS talking competition parties, bonfires, football games…and cheer camp. The weird thing is—–we are all grown up….and it makes me feel so old thinking about our high school days. She hasn’t changed a bit. Same personality and all. It’s kind of contagious….I mean I dare you to look at these photos and not smile! 

 So long story short….Jackie and her hubby Ed, drove up from Baltimore, MD for the weekend to celebrate her maternity festivities and while in town…ahh, why not get some baby bump shots! We had so much fun laughing and joking around that time flew by in no time. Ed,  you were a fantastic sport and it’s quiet clear that you think the WORLD of Mrs. Jackie! I wish the two of you nothing but happiness….and a whole football team of children. 🙂 Tee he he!

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