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Let me just start off by saying……..: 3 round trips to the top of the Duquesne Incline: $12.00, 3 bottles of water at the top of the Duquesne: $3.00…..speeding ticket: $ 109.50, Parking: FREE…. SCORE!!   Tee he he! You read that right…I got a speeding ticket-imagine THAT! Ha! I guess you could say I was a teensy bit excited to get down there. The truth is, I was jamming to a really good song and well…my foot got a little heavy!! LOL

I just have to preface this by saying….these two are seriously THE nicest people I know. They always take care of me (and Greg) when I’m shooting weddings at the fabulous Chestnut Ridge and I’m not lying when I say that every time I’ve ever ran into Dan, he ALWAYS has a smile on his face. I am so thankful to these guys for “helping to get my name out there” so when she contacted me to not only shoot her wedding but to also do the engagement session-I won’t lie…I did a little happy dance! Natalie and Dan are managers at Chestnut Ridge and they make things HAPPEN!! 🙂

So where do I even begin? Our location was the Duquesne Incline-Why?? Because it’s where they were engaged. 🙂 AWWW!! Dan actually proposed on the incline as they were going up……and it just happens that they had their very own car. Soooooo, when we went back today, the AWESOME girl in the ticket booth got us the hook up and gave us a car all to our own so we could go photo happy on the way up! For those of you who aren’t from the area…..the incline scales Mount Washington in one of two original 1877 cable cars for a breathtaking view of the Pittsburgh skyline when you reach the top of the 400-foot incline. It’s quite the view! And I learned today, that the Duquesne Incline is ranked the #3 most romantic spot in America!! Once you reach the top, there are several restaurants….and one of them is very special. The Le Mont is where Dan took Natalie the night he proposed, and YEP, we went there too!

I’m in love with these photos. I really think it’s because they picked a location that was special. I encourage all of you that are planning to do engagement photos, think of an activity or a location that means a lot to you ….and let’s go have fun! 🙂 Natalie and Dan, YOU. WERE. SO. FUN.!!!! Here’s a sneak peek of a few while I’m working on the others!!


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