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What is sexy? Well out curiosity I asked a group of guys and here’s a handful of the answers I discovered.

1. Sexy is a smile or a look. It is the woman who leaves enough covered to start the imagination. It is also an attitude and an aura as you enter a room.
2. I love a girl with a sense of humor who makes me smile and feel good when I’m with her…..and eye contact. Whoa that kills me, makes my heart jump.
3. Confidence. Nothing is more sexy than a girl who is sure of herself.
4. Her long hair blowing in the breeze.
5. Sexy to me is someone who knows what they want.

….whats my point?? What does your man think is sexy? You may be surprised with his answer…..that is of course if you don’t already know! Some men could consider seeing you laced up in a sexy nightgown could be extremely sexy, and some could also consider watching a next door neighbour get ravaged to be the sexiest thing they could ever think of. Do you actually know what turns your man on? Or are you just guessing from past experience?

I firmly believe that every girl is cover-worthy in the hands of the right photographer. Recently, I met up with a client who will be giving her “husband to be” the “Little Black Book” on his wedding day right before he meets her at the bottom of the isle… about anticipation!! I do have permission to post these although I have cropped them so not to ruin the hubby’s surprise. Below are a few examples of what a typical boudoir shoot would consist of. Classy, sexy……..and beautiful!!

For more information on what a boudoir session is-click here.

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