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We sat in anticipating all day wandering if the rain would ruin our shoot…but low and behold, the rain held off…..but the heat wave didn’t. It was a hot one!

I met up with everyone at the Latrobe Country Club. Thankfully we had the hook up since the general manager was part of the shoot and he knew where all the cool places were. I can’t take all the credit for the shots though….I did have an assistant (cough cough… Chad) Tee he he!

We did a lot of big groups shots of the extended family but  also shot alot of individual photos as well….these are always my favorite because you can get more creative and I love getting reactions. Addison and Ella were my little helpers with the Kid Cam-I still have to check the footage but I’m thinking from their angle which is a mere two feet from the ground, I doubt my “good side” looks flattering!! LOL Mandy and Chad…you guys made having 3 year old twins look easy!!

Thanks for being troopers and hanging out in the heat. I hope your pizza was as good as it sounded 🙂

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