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OrionVega: Day 1 | Indiana, PA Photography | PSA

By August 13, 2010 One Comment

13 hours total….for day 1 of the shoot for the 30 sec PSA that I helped organize with Orionvega. This project is part of an ad campaign that will be used to run on television as well as the social media sites for the Collective Action Against Underage Drinking (CAAUD) and the Drug Free Communities Coalition (DFCC). I’ve had the pleasure of working with these guys before on a previous project called the “Mock Bedroom“…… and since they were so awesome to work with we called them back for project #2. This time around  it entailed two full days (jammed packed days) of shooting which in the end will boil down to a 30 second PSA. The idea of the shoot is to parallel teens going out to police officers going out and the main theme is “You’re going out….Well so are we”. I’m sure it will all make much more sense when you get to see the final product….which if judging by the footage from yesterday…. it’s going to be pretty awesome!

We worked with student actors/actresses from IUP’s Theatre Department as well as a few local Police Officers and they did a phenomenal job. The crew and I got lots of laughs on of how realistic everything was portrayed. As we wrapped up day one and the guys loaded up the car or the umpteenth time, I couldn’t wait to get home to upload some of the “behind the scenes” photographs. I’m headed back this evening so they can get some night shots for shooting day #2. Tonight’s shoot involves a police car and some cool lighting. Hopefully I’ll have some cool shots and some fun video’s from my flip camera to share……that is, if I don’t get arrested!!  Bad boys, Bad Boys….whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you!!

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