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By September 11, 2010 One Comment

It’s hard to believe that 9-11 happened 9 years ago. I was sitting in my college English Literature class when one of the student’s candidly said, “yeah, the World Trade Center building was hit by a plane”. Student’s migrated into class late that day and others didn’t show at all-that was until IUP dismissed all of the classes for the rest of the week. I remember driving home from class trying to get a hold of Greg who was working in Pittsburgh. The phone lines were down and there was no way of getting in touch with him right away and as a security regulation they were closing the tunnels . I remember what panic I felt….. and he was only in Pittsburgh, I could only imagine what the family members were feeling who had loved ones in the buildings. I know now what it feels like to loose someone you love (my sister), but at that time, my mind couldn’t grasp it.

While out driving around today, It was warming to notice that people had not forgotten and had their flags prominently on display. It made me smile because I remember a time when everyone was in search of flags and the stores literally ran out. We called around everywhere-but no one had anything left. Even the fabric stores were out of any and every remnant piece of fabric that had red, white or blue on it. Greg’s mom was SOOO determined to have a flag that she took spray paint and a piece of scrap lumber and painted her own flag to display on her porch. She died two months later, but one of the things we made sure to take was her homemade flag. I got it out today and put it proudly on my porch. It’s been weathered over the past 9 years-but it has not been forgotten, just as the people who died that day.

One Comment

  • Meghann says:

    Love this – and LOVE the handmade flag and it’s story. With the 10th anniversary now approaching, it’s a bittersweet memory that Americans share. We remember…

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