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By September 22, 2010 One Comment

I’m getting ready to gear up for a 8 straight wedding weekends with a little of this and a little of that mixed in there. I’ve had a few weekends off to enjoy with friends and family but I’m anxious to get back into the swing of the wedding weekends. Weird thing is, after 10-12 in a row you can start to experience the “burn out” and long for a weekend “off” then that weekend comes and your itching to get back out there. THAT’s how I feel right now…..I’m ready to get shooting. The clients I have this weekend are um………PRETTY FREAKIN AWESOME!! I’m so very excited to hang with them. She has so many great ideas and their personalities are right up my ally! WORD!

Sooooo, in the interim and in the small amount of down time I have right now, I thought I would share a few more from Danielle’s session the other day. She was the cutey that posed in the kitchen….Martha Stewart Who?? LOL Here she is again looking all fierce! You’ll have to excuse me….I’m on this Black and White kick lately. I LOOOOOOOVE black and white images!

Ohhh….and I can’t forget “brotha-man” Thank you so VERY much for being my assistant. 🙂

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