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He’s not REALLLLLY 16-he’s actually NO WHERE EVEN NEAR 16….BUT in an effort to make him feel better, I thought it wouldn’t hurt! Today’s Greg’s Birthday! Around here, we always have cake and ice cream on the day of your actual birthday so I stood in line for the honking huge cake at the bakery (it’s turtle, his favorite) and just so I didn’t set the house on fire with all the candles it WOULD require, we used only 16.

As soon as Mallory got off the bus, we began to hang the balloons on the front porch. There were 10 or so when we started but by the time half of them blew away, we ended up with 4 to tie to the porch! HAHA! Amongst the chaos of home renovations, we sang happy birthday terribly out of tune and Greg blew out the candles on his HUGE cake. On a side note: we celebrated with family this past weekend, today was just a bonus. Cake two times in one week….who’s complaining!!

So happy sweet 16th birthday Greg. I hope you liked your weenies, Mallory and I love you to pieces…….all s.i.x.t.e.e.n. of them!! Tee he he

The card reads: (outside) Introducing the dancing WEENIES-yes it’s scratch and sniff (Inside) I hope you have the best birthday in the “wurst” way!

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