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Day Cinco & Seis: Puerto Rico | Travel Photography | { Personal }

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Our last few days on the island were very relaxed and “go with the flow”.  We mostly hung out at the beach playing in the sand, digging for sea shells and watching the crabs go by. I guess you could say our last few days were “creature filled” with lizards, Iguanas, crabs-basically if it had legs and crawled….we saw it. I’m not sure if this was due to the storm or not but none the less, it made for some great photo opportunities.

Our travel home went relatively fast. We had to take an alternative route home via the plane due to Earl which set us behind an additional 30-40 minutes. That with only an hour layover in Charlotte, NC and being on the opposite side of the airport, we had to haul ARSE to get to our terminal. We made it just in time for our section to board. In front of me sat a soldier that was on his way home to see his family. Beside him a mom with an infant baby…and then there’s Mallory asking if airplanes could get speeding tickets or if there were police planes in the sky. The military guy laughed and smiled at the same time the baby laughed. It was just “a moment” you had to be there for I guess.

We pulled in the driveway around 2 a.m., lugged our stuff upstairs and were greeted by a bedroom FULL of bees. Yes, BEES! I took a shower while Greg stood in the room with the vacuum hose sucking them up. Only if my camera would have been handy… was hilarious to see. It looked like he was doing the Jersey Fist Pump with a vacuum hose in his hands. That my friends….is a whole other story.

We survived the Earl…these bees had nothing on us-told you, if it had legs…we saw it!! HAHA!

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