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Day Cuatro: Puerto Rico | Travel Photography | { Personal }

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 After being stuck inside for most of Day Tres, we decided to bust out of the joint and try to walk around to assess all the damage AND just to see what was around the area. The beach and pools were closed so that they could be assessed and to make sure nothing dangerous was in the water. So off we went to catch the bus……but our first attempt at going to Old San Juan was halted by yet another rain cloud left over from yesterdays hurricane so we decided to find cover in the near by convenient store until the rain let up. Afterwards we ventured out to find sea shells that had washed up onto the sidewalks near the resort. There was no shortage of sea shells from the waves crashing up over the walls and we found a few hermit crabs. The workers wasted no time getting out there to get everything cleaned up looking as if there was never a storm that had come thru. Next we went to grab some lunch at what would become my favorite Restaurant- The Pina Colada Club. I loved everything about this restaurant but especially the bright happy colors. This restaurant will be an inspiration for when my studio is completed. THIS is how I want it to feel….relaxed and happy! 🙂

We caught a cab and were on our way to Old San Juan-or as Mallory would call it “The Old City”. Funny thing is before getting the cab, we had attempted to ride the public bus for the 4-5 miles down the road to the old city. This is where we met Michael. Ironically, Michael was in Puerto Rico by himself and he was heading to the same place as we were AND he just JUST HAPPENED  to be a travel agent. There was also another couple that was waiting for the bus, they were from Virginia and were spending their anniversary in Puerto Rico. After what seemed like forever (which gave us some time to chit chat) we found out that because of the previous day’s hurricane-all public transportation was unavailable at the time being. Soooooooo, we all jumped into a cab with our private travel agent and our new friends and headed into Old San Juan. We walked around with Michael for an hour or so as he pointed out this and that and then broke away to do some exploring of our own. To some people, Old San Juan may be just an Old City, but to be, it was a visual playground. All the colors, textures and the food…ohhh the food AND the frozen yogurt. OMG it was sooo scrump-didly-ousus!!

 Puerto Rico was actually discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and has a rich history to explore. Old San Juan, once a walled city, is now a designated historic landmark. Architectural treasures abound, amidst the pastel-colored buildings that line the old narrow cobblestone streets which are blue bricks that were once used for ballast on sailing ships from Spain.  Next we were off to find the Forte. For you history buffs, El Castillo San Felipe del Morro, usually referred to as “El Morro”, dates back to 1539 when a small, turret-like tower was built by the Spanish settlers to defend the bay of San Juan. Over the next two centuries, the fort grew until it reached the present form towards the end of the 18th century. El Morro was attacked several times during the course of its history and was at the centre of battles against the likes of Sir Francis Drake, George Clifford and Ralph Abercromby. It was also involved in the two World Wars, when the American army made some slight modifications to convert El Morro into a military base and to watch for possible German attacks. In 1961, El Morro was finally opened to the public and the fort’s sentry boxes, or “garitas”, have since become a national symbol that can be found on license plates as well as most souvenirs.  And that’s your history lesson for the day!! 🙂

Anywho, here are a few photos from day cuatro!!

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