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Day Tres: Puerto Rico | Travel Photography | { Personal }

By September 3, 2010 3 Comments

Ohhhhh Earl!!!!  

 Hurricane Earl battered tiny islands across Puerto Rico with heavy rain and roof-ripping winds today, rapidly intensifying into a major Category 4 storm on a path projected towards the States.  The winds reached upwards of135 mph (215 kph), Earl is expected to gain more strength before potentially brushing the U.S. East Coast this week and bringing deadly rip currents. For today, we were stuck in our rooms with an occasional walk out to the beach when the rain halted. We stayed safe and I’ll admit it is quite the experience being in a hurricane. I know that Earl is not the worste that this island has ever seen but to say that our family survived a hurricane is kinda a cool thing for Mallory to tell her friends. Tee he he.

The hotel took extra precautions today and have been handling everything rather smoothly. We just recieved a letter under our hotel door from the general manager that says that the hotel does have a back up generater in the case of a power outage and refrain from opening any windows or doors in our rooms or going outside during the storm. They have also removed ALL of the lawn chairs, hammocks, daybeds and garbage cans from the beach area, the pool area and even went as far as evacuating all of the rubberneckers (that would include us) from outside and locked us inside the building. We were also asked to remove the furniture from off of our balcony’s so ensure nothing blew away from the high winds.  Since we are in an ocean front room and on the highest floor-we had the most optimal view to watch the storm move in and see the ocean from our beds. Maybe most people would be bummed that we couldn’t use the beach or that the sun wasn’t shining, but I don’t see it that way. Number one, it presented us with an opportunity to spend some quality time together and we ordered food to be delivered, we played games and laughed at the Spanish cartoons… AND shhhh, we let Mallory jump on the beds!!! While others may learn about hurricanes in the class room or reading it out of a book, Mallory got to see one first hand and lastly, because we were stuck inside the hotel, we met so many of the locals by hanging out in the lobby area and got to share a little of each other’s culture. So  as you can see, it’s only as good as YOU make it…..and well, we had quite a great time!!

The only thing that made it difficult to take photographs was the fact that my lense kept fogging up. Inside the hotel it’s primarily air conditioned so as soon as we walked outside, the hot air would fog up my lense. I did manage to take a few photographs before the rain and wind picked up and they evacuated us from around the water area. We’re told by some of the locals that the day after a hurricane it is one of the most beautiful days of the year. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we get a good day so that we can journey up to Old San Juan. We’ll see how the weather pans out.


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