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Day Dos: Puerto Rico | Travel Photography | { Personal }

By August 30, 2010 2 Comments

Day Dos…….was perfect-in everyway!!! We slept for 12 hours straight—WHAT?? That NEVER happens, but I guess when you’ve had a long day of travel (with a 5 year old) it catches up to you rather quickly. 🙂

We spent all day at the beach and the pool area. You could tell that the staff was starting to prepare for the hurricane that was about to hit because they began to slowly remove the unused chairs off of the beach. The tide began to get a little more aggressive but nothing that kept us out of the water. Mallory met a few new friends, we buried her in the sand, Greg hid coins in the sand and Mallory genuinely thought she was finding Pirate treasures and we worked on our tans for most of the day.

Later we decided to switch rooms to get a closer view of the beach area. I’m sooo glad we did-not that the last view wasn’t A-MAZING but this one was a bit closer to the beach and now we had an even better view to watch the hurricane that was on it’s way towards us.

I think our sunburns marked the end of a GREAT day. We knew that the next day wasn’t going to be an ideal beach day but we fell asleep to the sound of the ocean…..after a few Pina Coladas of course…and rum, maybe just a wee bit of rum!!!!! 🙂


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