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By November 11, 2010 No Comments

This little guy is going to hate us some day. Tee he he

He was the most pleasant baby ever. He had to get his shots earlier (that explains the band-aids)  AND it was before his nap….and he was still full of smiles!! His grandma has been a family friend of ours for years…as a matter of fact, she helped me pick out my prom dress in the 9th grade! 🙂   I was delighted when she called to ask if I would photograph her grandson……and it gave me the opportunity to try out my new hardwood floors. These are the same floors I’ll be installing in the studio when it’s finished so I’m experimenting 🙂 The weather has been so beautiful this week so we took advantage of it and went out for a few shots.

We also got to play with a family heirloom…..the blue car. I dare you not to smile when you look at these…..and it may ….MAY have made me want to have another baby. I’m just sayin!!


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