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WPPI Shoot Out w/ J&M| las vegas wppi 2011 workshops | business

By January 11, 2011 One Comment

I’m sitting here listening to island music and the snow is falling outside-clearly I’m a rebel but I’m a super duper excited rebel. Let me explain!

I hang my head in shame…but, I found myself in their workshop last year-BY ACCIDENT. There. I said it.

I can remember it so vividly. It was a dark room, the projector was off to the left side of the room and there stood two people in the front. I had no clue who they were (this is where I hang my head in shame). I loved the topic they were teaching (Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason) so I thought I’d check it out. I sat practically in tears. As she spoke, I literally felt tears.steaming. I could relate to her on so many levels (ok minus the being really super smart and going to law school) but everything else. As cheeky as this sounds, I felt like I was MEANT to be in that room. I was at a turning point in my life, with my business and when she talked about her childhood, her parents and how together they’ve overcome some major obstacles. I was hooked! I loved their outlook on life, on each other and on their business. When growing up, I use to sit inside the walls of my trailer and think to myself, “Statistics say that children born to teenage parents are bound to be teenage mothers themselves, Statistics say that children born to teenage parents won’t graduate high school-let alone college, Statistic say, that children born to teenage parents won’t be as successful as their peers”. Thank you Justin and Mary for helping me realize, *I* was the only thing holding me back! 🙂

J&M are currently having a huge contest on their blog as we speak. 20 lucky contestants will have the opportunity to do a shoot with them. I would love this opportunity to learn from from Justin and Mary in such a small group setting. I promise to not hog them all to myself, I will share with the 19 others. Plus we’d get to play with some of the best glass from LENS TO GO PRO!! 🙂

If anyone else will be going to WPPI in Las Vegas and would like to hear them speak–but I warn you, it is life changing, I repeat, it is life changing. They are teaching a class titled: “How to Be a Rainmaker” : Ten tips to turn the tides. During an economic drought they are going to teach how to “make your own rain”. When?  Thursday, Feb 24th at 9am. I’ll be there-for sho!

So here I am universe…putting it out there, sending out positive vibes and listening to island music. Do I deserve it, I don’t know….but I want it ohh so bad! ohh and I can provide the laughs! 🙂 Also, it wouldn’t be so bad meeting 19 other photographers and possibly creating some lasting friendships. 🙂

Because every blog is better with a photo and it’s snowing outside and I refuse to get the winter blues…here is my island inspired photo!

PS: pick me…pick me! Tee he he

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  • Anthony says:

    Hey Jen,
    just checking out who I will be joining at the shootout this year. Its going to be such a blast. I seriously can not wait. all the best!

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