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By March 14, 2011 4 Comments

I remember being grounded on that particular weekend-don’t ask me why, it probably had something to do with staying out past curfew or talking on the phone to late (because back in the OLDEN DAYS we had to talk on a phone with a cord *GASP*). Whatever the reason, I remember not being allowed to go anywhere that weekend. My parents had company over and my sister was staying at Grandma’s house. I was bored. I mean B.O.R.E.D.

I grabbed my recent copy of TEEN Magazine and laid on the living room floor reading when I came across “the contest”! TEEN Magazine was advertising it as a Prom-A-Thon. 5 lucky girls would be chosen to win with one Grand Prize Winner getting an all expense trip to New York to meet Tyra Banks! With my chin in the palm of my hand I read on. If you were the lucky runner up they awarded you cash to use towards your prom expenses. I was only in 9th grade so I wasn’t eligible to go to the prom just yet,…BUT my boyfriend at the time was in 11th grade and if you were asked by an upperclassman than you were then eligible to go! WOO! We had discussed the prom and we honestly weren’t sure if we could afford it. My mom was a single parent trying to make ends meet so asking her to pay for my prom dress was out of the question so we thought…ahh, maybe next year. As far as the contest goes, I figured “what the heck, I’ll fill it out and send it in-what could it hurt-right?”.

I forgot about it for the longest time. Days, weeks and months passed until about 3 weeks before my prom was scheduled to happen, I got a phone call from Teen Magazine telling me I was one of the chosen winners! I think the conversation went a little like this:

“Is this Jennifer?”
” Yes, this is her.”
” This is Meghan, the Promotions Director from TEEN Magazine calling to tell you, you have been chosen as on of the lucky winners in the Prom a Thon Contest.”
” < dead silence >”
” Hello….Jennifer?”

No one believed me. My mom actually called Meghan at her Madison Avenue office in New York  just to make sure someone wasn’t pulling a cruel prank. Nope, it was real and they were sending my mom the forms to fill out! And then it began, (if you’re from an italian family you know what I mean) Mom calls so and so THEN so and so calls the OTHER so and so and then they call the next and before I knew it everyone was calling saying Congrats!!

I had NEVER won ANYTHING!! So in a nut shell, they paid for EVERYTHING from my dress to his tux, the flowers, the ticket, EVERYTHING!! And to top everything off, the local newspaper came to do a story on me! The photographer was there while I was getting ready, took my portraits, photos of me getting into the car, with my family…the whole nine yards. I felt like a movie star!!

Excuse the quality of these images. These are photographs of the pictures that were in the newspaper by Bill Graff……..AND they were back from 1997 (in my MUCH thinner days!!)

THAT my friend is what I want to give to YOU! Although I WISH I could pay for someone’s entire Prom-realistically I can’t. But what I do want you to feel is that same Movie Star feeling I had when I went to my first prom. I want to use my talent to give back!!! I want to give  one lucky winner Pre Prom photographs of you getting ready, your prom date, portraits of you with your friends, at your Grand March (if permissible)….pretty much everything up until your prom starts! I will be your prom paparazzi. You will get a disc of your images complimentary. That’s well over a $950.00 value…..(wait for it…wait for it)…….. PLUS the FABULOUS folks at the Chestnut Ridge Resort and SPA are throwing in the works for our lucky winner. YOU will receive a free  up do and make up application. WHAT WHAT??!! Someone’s going to get the ROYAL treatment!!  AND it gets better…..The Flower Gallery is throwing in a corsage and boutineer for our winner!! HAWT Diggity!! 🙂 (Pssst….guess what Mom and Dad, that means YOU don’t have to pay for it!!!)

1.  I want you to submit a photograph of yourself (you can get creative as you’d like). Please only submit photographs that you have taken so that we are not violating any copyright’s of other photographers or studios. You must also be entering on behalf of yourself.

2.  Email it to jenmckenphoto@gmail.comby March 31st. Please refrain from sending them via Facebook.  Please put “Prom Paparrazi” in the subject line of the email.

3. Please include a paragraph on what YOUR talent is and how you could use it to “give back” one day. Please also include your first name, school and the date of the prom.

4. On Friday, April 1st @ 6pm I will upload a folder to facebook ( and the voting will begin. You will send your friends and family over to vote (or give YOUR photo a thumbs up). In order for votes to qualify voters must  like “jen mcken’s“, “Chestnut Ridge Resort & Conference Center” and “The Flower Gallery“.  Voting will end on Monday, April 11th @ 6pm. The winner will be announced before 6pm on April 12th.

5. The person whose photo has the most votes (likes) AND whose voters are a fan of (ALL THREE) jen mcken + Chestnut Ridge + The Flower Gallery at the end of the voting period, will be the winner. If there is a tie-the winner will be determined on the time stamp of the email submission. So get your entries in ASAP. Jen McKen will choose the top 5 entries to be voted on via Facebook.

6.  Deadline for entering : March 31st , 2011 @ midnight.

7. Contest participants must be attending a prom within Indiana County (or within 20 miles outside of the county).  The winner will be responsible for scheduling their hair and makeup session with Chestnut Ridge Spa and contacting The Flower Gallery to set up their order. Call as soon as possible.

8. The photography session is valued at $950.00  and can not be altered or changed in anyway, can not be redeemable for cash and can not be transferred.  The spa session is valued at $125.00 and can not be redeemable for cash and can not be transferred. Corsage + boutineer are valued at $50.00 and can not be altered or changed in anyways, can not be redeemable for cash and can not be transferred. No additional promotions, coupons or discounts can be applied.

9. Winner must be attending prom. If the chosen winner does not go to Prom the second runner up will be the new winner and so on. The winner must also allow jen mcken photography,  Chestnut Ridge and The Flower Gallery to display photographs on the blog and facebook for promotional products.

* Contact Jen McKen with any further questions.

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