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By March 13, 2011 No Comments

These gray days, they get to me. I’ll be honest, I don’t always have the best motivation during the winter months, work slows down for obvious reasons but on the brighter side I get to spend more family time with the ones that mean the most to me . One of the things I’ve been doing over the course of the slow season is shooting more personal projects and organizing my personal photographs. The photos of Greg and I from when we first met, our adventures as a couple, Mallory’s birth and everything that has let up until now. Photographs for me are my time machine, my link to my past, and a way to day dream about my future…..and the proof that someone cared enough about me to take a picture….to document my life, to prove to others that I was here, that I exsisted! (Cue the cheesy music now)

I never REALLY realized how powerful photographs were until after my sister died. I remember so vividly searching through shoe boxes at my mom’s house the night before her funeral trying to find our favorites to display. In a strange way, it was the beginning of the healing process but on the other hand, we could have had a bazillion photos of her and it still wouldn’t have been enough. It just felt as if 17 years of her life weren’t documented nearly enough and there in a pile of dusty photo albums, shoe boxes and envelopes–that’s what represented her life. I mean sure, we have the memories that we will never forget BUT THOSE PHOTOGRAPHS, they were something tangible, something to hold onto. There were photos from the first day of school, the holidays, family vacations but no photographs that “told a story”….you know like a “day in the life” kinda photo. We were always dressed up in the Christmas photos, hair slicked back in the school photos and standing in front of a land mark in the vacation photos, but nothing that “told the story of the real us”. It made me sad quite frankly and I think that is why I’m adamant about taking photos of every little thing for Mallory. I want to capture her dirty face after eating a whole container of Oreos, her grass stained jeans after playing out side in the creek, her crazy morning hair, her quirky smile…the things that make her HER!

This is very much my philosophy when shooting a wedding, an event or even senior portraits. I shoot to tell YOUR story. Life Documented!

Think about it, the photographs you have of your children, your family……..what story do they tell?

These images were taken almost 4 years ago back when I was still mastering my craft.  The picture themselves aren’t that great but WHAT IT IS A PICTURE OF  is…..the story they tell I will treasure forever as a parent.  


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