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By April 10, 2011 2 Comments


The nice thing about having the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex in our back yard is that we no longer have to drive over an hour away to Pittsburgh, wait in traffic, struggle to find parking, get road rage or get home in the wee hours of the night…..this is right in our back yard. Culture in our backyard!? We are moving up in the world!! LOL  They announced that Disney on Ice will be coming during the first week of December. You know where we’ll be!! 🙂

Rumor has it that because of it’s popularity, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey added two additional shows to The Greatest Show on Earth- “Zing Zang Zoom, Gold Edition” . Lucky for us because we decided to go on a whim.  I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve been to the Circus, I can vividly remember it, but I can’t remember how old I was. We’ve taken Mallory to the rinky dink ones that periodically come to town during the summer months but not like this one. So we waiting in line to get into the pre-show, purchased our cotton candy and popcorn and off we went to find out seats. The show was fantastic and the all access pre show where we could meet the performers, register to win an elephant painting and learn circus skills………and maybe a dance or two!

I use to dream about being in the circus when I was Mallory’s age. I’m not sure what my talent would have been, but it seemed so exciting! I told Greg that the other day when we were talking about possibly going. He said I would have been the bearded lady! I swear deep deep deeeeeeep down, he loves me!! haha!

I put together a little slide-show to show you a few of the things we saw. Mallory is still talking about it. I’d call it a success-at least in her eyes…..and I had my fair share of cotton candy that night. Who counts calories at the circus??!! tee he he

I couldn’t fit ALL the ones I took into this little video…maybe that will be circus blog #2 sometime next week 🙂



  • Julz says:

    hehe — I like picture # 8… & the bigger lookin clown in picture 10 (i think) looks like my friends cousin!!! teee hehehe

  • Nicole Steetle says:

    That one pic of Mallory looks like me doing my birthday face! She must have been excited!!

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