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By May 18, 2011 2 Comments

Many weeks ago, I polled my YOU, my readers on whey they keep coming back to my blog to read my shenanigans and to simply find out what YOU thought set me apart from all the other photographers in “photographer-land”. My goals is to find out what you love/don’t love about the blog, to get a general idea of the  age range of my readers-or target market if you will, and who YOU are! I’m constantly checking my website statistics and I KNOW you all are reading the stuff I post-I have the stats to prove it, but I want to know what you like/don’t like about this site, what information you would like to hear more of,  what age category you fall into….and I was blown away at what kind things you had to say.

I’ve been kind of MIA on my blog the past few weeks posting sparingly (yes it’s true, it’s impossible to blog EVERY shoot I do), but there are big things about to happen and I can’t wait to get to be blogging more and sharing them with you! I’m not going to make any formal announcements JUST YET, but for those of you who know me well….it’s been a long time coming!! 🙂

Didn’t get a chance to give YOUR feedback? It’s not to late, simpley click here and answer 4 short questions 🙂


……….and because I LOVE to embarass myself AND every post is better with a photo. Enjoy this picture from the photobooth at one of my recent weddings 🙂 It’s true….I have NO SHAME! haha!


  • Jenn Desiderio says:

    I know this wedding! Actually, you’re shooting my friend Vanessa’s wedding in July, almost a year to date from mine and I am SO excited! I know the pictures are going to be amazingly gorgeous!

  • jen mcken says:

    I love you jen!!! I’m so excited to see you again 🙂

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