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amy + brian: 1923 t-bucket | indiana county, pa photographer | just for fun

By August 10, 2011 3 Comments

If you follow me on facebook or instagram you know I was on a shoot that a little out of the ordinary today! #1 I shot these at noon, which is THE WORST time to shoot outdoor photos, #2 I got to shoot with an antique rare 1923 t-bucket (which Brian built from scratch…ch-yah, I know!!) and #3 this was a “just for fun” shoot. You know, for no other reason but because they just wanted some cool shots of their new ride but a few sassy pin-up inspired shots of Amy. This wasn’t the first time I’ve shot with these two, the first time we took photos of their other antique car which was a few years ago, so they knew the drill but this time, Amy brought the sass and she went ALLLL out, she even had her hair style in a 1950’s do. LOOOOOVE it!!

In no particular order….because I couldn’t choose. I’m in LOVE with this shoot…..and these aren’t even ALL of them!!!


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