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By August 12, 2011 3 Comments

I’m no fashion expert, I mean, I’m perfectly happy with a pair of  “comfy pants” (ask Greg I have this red pair that he HATES, which speaking of that red pair I haven’t seen them in a while-what did you do with them GREG?!!) and a tank top-all day every day. No really, if I know no one is going to see me because I’ll be editing in my little office space then that is precisely what my attire is: the good old comfy pants and tank top. But then every once in a while something miraculous happens…… I get the urge to dress up and you know…..look like a girl! haha!

Tomorrow my cousin Cassie is getting married and I’m not “in” the wedding nor am I “photographing” the wedding…..I’m simply a guest! WOO! I’m so excited to get to watch her get married from this perspective! But you see this poses a whole other issue for me. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! Why is this such a big ordeal? Well for one, I’m not the “dress” kind of girl. Sure they look awesome on other girls, but with my body type and the fact that I think deep down I think I’m a tomb boy, dresses just aren’t my thing and for this reason, I don’t own a closet full of dresses/skirts/etc. Sure I go to ALOT of weddings and you’d think I have tons of stuff to wear but what it boils down to is that I am WORKING at the weddings.  So what I would wear while I’m working (more business) as appposed to what I would wear while I’m guest are two different worlds!

Which brings me to the point of the post-it has one I swear! In my HUGE dilemma (which is nothing compared to world hunger and homelessness <insert sarcasm> ) I gave my self a challenge….find something to wear to Cassie’s wedding!!   Off we went to go shopping yesterday and I asked Greg to pull over at Goodwill..yes the Goodwill!!!. I walked inside and went straight for the shoe aisle. I found the cutest yellow shoes and I thought to myself I am  going to reuse my bridesmaids dress that I wore several weeks ago in my best friend Nicole’s wedding. THIS dress….my disclaimer: this is not my photo NOR my body (I wish) it’s simply the dress that Nicole picked out for us to wear. I know…it’s awesome!

It’s black and short and of course I can wear it again. I’m determined to wear it again! I bought the shoes for a wait for it…..wait for it……a whopping $2.99.

Next stop, jewelry! I found the jewelry on sale for $6.00 for earrings, bracelet and necklace at TJ Max! SCORE! I also bought a little black shrug to wear ALLLLLLL for UNDER $15.00. That’s shoes, jewelry and shrug all for under $15. I think I now know how the “Extreme Coupon-ers” Feel!! ha ha! BUT nowI have a new use for my bridesmaids dress! Thank god the bride had good taste in dresses! ha ha ha! I’ll be walking on sunshine….litterally!! hahahah!

via my iphone camera….

So how about you? Have you ever had the chance to re-wear your bridesmaids dress? I asked the gals on my facebook fan page if they had ever worn the bridesmaids dress again…..almost everyone said NO.


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  • Nicole Steetle says:

    Yay! I have good taste! lol. Gina is planning on wearing hers to a wedding this summer too! Now I just need a friend to get married and let me pick out the bridesmaids dresses so I can actually wear one again… hint, hint.

  • Jenilee says:

    Hey, that looks great! I love the shoes!!!!

    After watching my twin sister try to find a dress for NINE BRIDESMAIDS that we could ALL “wear again,” I gave up on the concept. My bridesmaids are wearing just-above-the-knee-length fuschia dresses. Guess they can be part of a halloween costume for them one day!

  • Melissa Jean says:

    Ahahaha! I just made a VERY similar post about going to a wedding as a guest and outfits, except mine was more about me being completely stoked to get to dress cute, since I have that urge (on days I don’t have to be at work at 7 am… so it’s rare).
    That’s amazing to be able to reuse your dress! The bride does have great taste!

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