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So, what is it exactly? The Ham + Cheese Station is a photographer controlled portable studio. Lights, camera, cheesy props, laughs…..action! The Ham + Cheese Station is setup for your wedding reception beginning at cocktail hour and continues until the end of your wedding day photography coverage (minimum of 2 hours of coverage). I never liked the photo booths because it restricted how many people can fit, with this set up, groups of people can pile in for some fun, silly, cheesy photos PLUS we’ll supply the props.  You will be provided with a disc of all the images and all it’s “cheesiness” after your event. Please note that photos will not be printed on the day of the event.

Think of it like this: I’ve shot a lot of weddings, and I’ll tell you from personal experience that it can be sometimes VERY difficult to try to get a photo of everyone in attendance. Let’s face it, some people feel weird in front of the camera and they tend to hide (don’t lie, you know you’ve hid from the camera once or twice in your day) I’ve also seen brides and grooms set disposable cameras on the tables hoping that guests will snap fun photos in hopes to get more photos of people but yep you guessed it, those were often duds. At the Ham + Cheese Station, a photographer encourages you and your guests to get creative and have fun, capturing portraits, large group shots, dancing and action shots, and anything else you and your guests can dream up……….with cheesy props….and your more likely to get even more photos of your guests. Remember, people won’t remember what your center pieces, or your favors look like, but they WILL remember how great of a time they’ve had!

Don’t worry, the Ham + Cheese Station is closed during dinner and major wedding events, such as your cake cutting and first dance, so the focus is still on you and your important moments.

We require a large indoor area (12′x12′x12′), so talk with us and see if it is right for you and your venue. Since we focus is on capturing creative, high-quality character portraits, your guests will have access to the photos online in a gallery shortly after your wedding, instead of immediately receiving prints onsite. It won’t spit out the tiny strips you will actually have your photos added right on to you wedding disc of your other hi res photographs from the days coverage and they will also be added to Facebook so your guests can tag themselves!

And the burning question is…Can we get a side of Ham + Cheese for our company holiday party, birthday parties, graduations, etc.?  And the answer is Yes! Do you really need a reason to act ridiculous? I don’t think so!!


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