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Meet Brian!

I’m not sure if you remember my blog from a while ago where I talked about finding the perfect location. If you missed it, you can click *here*. I talked a little bit about…. does the location you picked fit your personality, or more importantly does it mean something to you?! I’m glad someone was paying attention……Brian chose the perfect location for him! His grandparents own a house (which just happens to be over 170 years old!!) and Brian spent ALOT of time there growing up. It holds a lot of memories and so that’s where we went. Let me just say…although you can’t see the entire property in these photos…the house and land are gorgeous! I had house and landscape envy! LOL The weirdest thing of all is that I had drove by the house/property about a few weeks ago and almost broke my  neck checking it out and I thought to myself, THAT would make a perfect shooting location-too bad it’s private property! And there I find myself shooting at THAT property several weeks later. 🙂

Brian told me all sorts of history about the house while we were shooting and I was a bit taken back by how much he knew and how interested he was in it all! He talked about this rock where the previous owners had hand carved in the name of all the cities and their distances as well as which direction they were located. I had to see it for myself…it’s quite impressive if you REALLY think about it!


ok…onto the sneak peek! He’s a bow hunter…watch OUT! Ohh and I stood in poison ivy to get this shot! Just sayin!! ha ha ha!!


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