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I always give credit where credit is due and let me start off by saying….kudos to Mike Miller and Garrett Tanner from Mixmaster’s for an awesome service at the Neuroh Wedding. Not only did you do a fantastic job with the uplighting (which I’ll get to) but also you had the crowd up and on their feet as well as the crowd participation….awesome job and it made my job easier!

So what about this uplighting? Well for those of you who aren’t familiar, uplighting is a great way to create depth, interest, and drama for your event by literally painting your event space with light. You can turn an ordinary boxy event space into a truly unique and vibrant entertaining space. What does this mean for your photos……..everything! The lighting creates an energy that just can not be edited in. It’s either there or it’s not! As you will see in the photos below, how much more fun does it look with all the pretty lights. It can also be one of the most cost effective ways to decorate your space!  Just some food for thought!

Christa and Keith held their reception at The Rustic Lodge in Indiana, PA.


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