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I have no idea where to even start with these two…..Greg and I had so much fun with them this past weekend! She found me on AOL….imagine that front page of AOL with all the bullying articles that were circulating several months ago. She sent me an email to see about my availability and …wa-la here they are in Southwestern, PA from around “BAAAWston” Massachusetts. That’s right…they came clear from “BAAAWston” to have ME photograph them….talk about pressure! And to add to THAT…it was raining and crappy and cold and windy…..yep, I had a minor heart attack..but seriously, these guys were so awesome and I felt like we were just old friends hanging out!

So we met up at Denny’s to have breakfast on Friday morning in hopes that maybe the rain would pass….well the rain did NOT in-fact pass and we did NOT in-fact get what we ordered-I guess I’ll just have to get the “Moons of My Hammy” another day! haha! After breakfest we set out to Station Square where we danced (litterally) and dodged rain drops. We had to get a bit creative with overhangs, inside of buildings…but with my amazing ninja skills and Greg along to help keep everything dry, we made it work…..poor Greg….haha

…..and for the sneak peek……..


In this below photo, Joe turned the camera on me while I was doing my amazing “ninja hair flip”……I took his photo while he took mine! haha!

We had so much fun with them that we invited them along with my crazy family to visit Kennywood’s Phantom Fright Night. It was there, in the long long lines, line jumpers, that we bonded over the “merp-atradors”…(long story) hahaha!  Photos courtesty of my handy dandy iphone…..

Here’s our “scared face” with my bad iphone picture…haha

Christina and Joe, (as they say in MA) we had a “wicked” cool time hanging out with you and you are welcomed back to visit us ANY time you’d like…’s just this time, we eat somewhere else for breakfest and hopefully you’ll get your fruit!! haha


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  • Teresa says:

    Jen, your pics are beautiful! Great job with the engagement pics. Even with the rain they turned out great! You are amazing, girl!

  • Kit says:

    I would never know you had a rainy day! These pictures are absolutely beautiful! You are an amazing photographer!! I wish I had known about you when I had my engagement pictures taken 8 years ago! Keep up the great work!

  • I visit your site each and everyday. You’re crazy talented and I just told my friend last night who’s still searching for a wedding photographer about you last night. Hopefully she does the right thing and books you. You’re work is amazing and refreshing!

  • Christina D'Amico says:

    This was a year ago already! Time to head back to Pittsburgh!

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