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By October 25, 2011 One Comment

This past week…..has been a CRAZY busy one! For one, I had several shoots but I also had a lot of “behind the scenes business stuff” to take care of before leaving for vacation, school activities for Miss Mallory ….and……it was her birthday party this weekend which in itself was enough to keep me busy for the entire week-mostly because we waited until the last minute to hammer out any kind of plans all while trying to work around our schedules.  Her actual birthday is on October 28th which is the very day we are leaving for Ireland….no she’s not going, she’ll be staying with my parents. SOOOOO, we wanted to make this a special party for her that was a bit different than the years before. She sat and told me very vivid memories of the birthday parties she’s had since she’s been 3 and I was in awe that she remembered the details so well. This year after attending a birthday party for family friends of ours and seeing the bouncy house, she requested it for her birthday party. We kept our fingers crossed all week and prayed for good weather…..and we had a beautiful day. Thirty plus kids gathered at our house this past Sunday and bounced their little hearts out…..and maybe…just maybe the adults did too (after most of the kiddos went home)!!

So below are just a few snap shots from this past week….I tried not to be “photographer” but rather “MOM” … know, I’m trying to “enjoy the moment” instead of looking thru the little square every.single.time….but I did manage to snap a few here and there! 🙂

no adults were harmed in the making of these photographs…although maybe a few hamstrings! LOL


But before the party -earlier this past week Mallory’s school had a skating party—straight up old school roller skating party….ahh the memories it brought back! 🙂 I mean kids falling everywhere………pure and utter entertainment! hahaha!



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One Comment

  • Nicole Pope says:

    That is a pretty impressive toe-touch you have there Jen! I definitely don’t still have that! lol. In fact, I don’t think I ever did!

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