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tara + julien: getting ready | taneytown, md photographer

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When we first arrived, she was in the chair having her makeup done. She sat with her hands folded on her lap and her eyes closed as the makeup artist did her magic. She was SO calm and the energy in the room was the same. Normally when any bride has 6 bridesmaids there is some sort of chaos going on…but not on this day.

I’m sure it had something to do with their surroundings though. How could you not be cool, calm and collected when getting ready in such a beautiful bridal suite at the Antrim 1844 Mansion in Taneytown, MD? I mean, look at it…it’s gorgeous! This brings me to one point I’d like to make for future brides. *WEDDING TIP * I know that not everyone has the ability to get ready in a room as stunning as this, but a few simple things any bride can do to assure that their “getting ready” images can look equally as gorgeous: (just to name a few)

#1 de-clutter-take all those empty shoe boxes, bags full of makeup, purses, etc and put them out of sight for the photographs. There is nothing more distracting than having a gorgeous venue with clutter all around you.

#2 it’s all about the lighting-please keep in mind that if you choose to get ready in the basement of a church with florescent lighting and/or recessed lighting and no windows, they may not look as elegant as they would if you were getting ready in a room WITH windows or in your own home.

#3 make sure everyone’s dressed- having your bridesmaids dressed and ready to go BEFORE you get your gown on is HUGE. Your girls will look beautiful as they help you into your gown and there won’t be anyone in plaid shorts, tie dyed shirts or flip flops while helping you get dressed…this brings me to my next point.

#4 have a timeline– making sure all of your bridesmaids, etc know what time they must be ready by will help ensure things can run smoothly. ALWAYS over estimate how long it will take to have your hair done. One of the number one reasons anything runs behind at a wedding is due to hair and makeup taking longer than anticipated. Keep in mind travel time (construction, holiday traffic, rush hour etc.) when planning your timeline. To really ensure things run EXTRA smooth, have your hair stylist and makeup artist travel to YOU. Not only does it take the stress of running all over town the day of your wedding, but they are on hand for a touch up after you are in your dress. PLUS ….it’s nice to be pampered!

#5 over estimate your time-I mentioned it earlier with how long it will take for your hair and makeup, but also for how long it’s going to take you to get dressed. Sometimes things can take longer (maybe the dress won’t zipper correctly, they can’t figure out the ties, or any other reason) so having wiggle time is key. There is nothing more stressful than getting in your dress moments before you walk down the aisle…..everything turns into chaos. Instead, be ready and able to relax WAY before walking down the aisle. Take some time to laugh and enjoy the company of your bridesmaids instead of having everyone running in different directions to get this or that because time is running out.

#6 bridal portraits- following the timeline AND allowing yourself to be ready in enough time before the wedding starts will give your photographer some time to create some beautiful bridal portraits of you prior. (even better….the first look, but that’s a whole other post you can ready about *here*) You are paying your photographer a lot of money to capture your big day…so give them the opportunity to do what they love to do…create photographs of you at your most beautiful! 🙂 And trust me, you’ll look and FEEL more relaxed in your portraits if the atmosphere around you is that way by following the tips I mentioned above.

All of these factor in to what your final images will look like. Keeping all of these in mind when deciding WHERE to get ready will ensure awesome photos! Pshhhh, and guys thought planning a wedding was easy!! lol

How gorgeous is she?? Ohh and sorry for the photo-overload..but this is a photography blog! 🙂

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