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tara + julien: the reception | taneytown, md photographer

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I just met with a client earlier today and we chatted briefly about how they can make their wedding “more them”. They didn’t want a cookie cutter wedding and they really wanted to incorporate their interests into their big day. I mentioned to them about the wedding I had just shot of Tara and Julien! They took their love for skiing and his French traditions and her Southwestern, PA traditions and their love for the Christmas and incorporated them ALL into their big day. So think about it…if you are planning your wedding…how can you incorporate your love and interests into your big day!

The simple fact that they held their wedding at the end of December at the Antrim 1844 Mansion in Taneytown, MD gave them the opportunity to use their gorgeous holiday decor. We were able to roam around the house looking for little cozy spots for their portraits and it set the tone for the warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

Next is their love for skiing. They had ski lift tickets as the guest name cards identifying their tables by the name of their favorite ski resorts. They are actually going to be taking a delayed honeymoon ski trip in a few months and I LOOVE that they incorporated it into their reception.

I have officially been introduced the the traditional wedding cake called Croquembouche. When we first arrived at the venue, we stood there standing and staring at it in awe. It was so different than that I was used to. I mean it was a cake like pyramid/tower of “cake balls” filled with cream. I was in heaven and I couldn’t wait to taste it! AND Yes….it was delicious!

And lastly, they included the money dance at their reception-this is also called the bridal dance, shot dance, the dollar dance, etc. I’m thinking it originated from the Polish or Ukraine traditions and I’m not sure how it stuck around our area because most of the people who participate in this tradition often aren’t Polish or Ukrain. Either way…it’s fun times. For those of you who many not be familiar, the maid of honor and the bridesmaids stand around with trays of liquor. Guests line up with dollars (or tens, twenties and even one hundred dollar bills) in hand and hand it to one of the bridesmaids who usually had a sack of some sort to collect them. Next they take a drink off of the tray and then get to dance with the bride before the next person is behind them to do it all over again. This dance is usually done with polka music and it can last for a long time depending on how many guests. Usually it is custom for the brides parents to dance with the bride last and then everyone crowds around here while the groom tries to break into the cluster to get to his bride-sometimes the groomsman or family members will make it a little difficult by trying to keep him away. I once shoot a wedding with linebackers as the groomsman…that was interesting. Once the groom makes it into the center, everyone celebrates by cheering and clapping. Now keep in mind, I just gave you the “nut shell version” but it’s fun for everyone as long as someone keeps bringing the bride a glass of water in between. Some of my favorite shots from weddings have been from the money dance. Plus the money is traditionally supposed to be used for their honeymoon.

Enough of explaining…here are some of the pictures! 🙂

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