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creativeLIVE with Christa Meola

By February 14, 2012 11 Comments

For me, it was kind of like the first day of college-at least the way I remember it feeling. I remember very vividly laying in my twin sized dorm room bed the night before my very first freshman class. My roommate was already sleeping and I could hear the sounds of students staying out late in the courtyard below my window. As I laid there I couldn’t help but think to myself…WOW, I REALLY MADE IT! Coming from a family where I would be the very first person to GO to college, I worked VERY hard not only on my grades but on side jobs in order just pay my way. And yes for any of you who are wondering, I paid my own way thru college-it’s something I’m very proud of! So as I laid in the bed before the first day of CreativeLIVE I couldn’t help but feel like that young girl: scared, nervous, excited, eager…but more importantly, proud for putting myself out there. I laid there in the dark, I started thinking about the journey I have made in my photography career, you know from the very first time I got my camera to all the classes I’ve taken, to the countless hours spent in front of the computer AND more importantly-to all the risks I’ve taken and how much they have paid off.

I won’t lie, the day before, I hardly got any sleep-I was too nervous. Now that I’m home and hind sight is 20/20, I feel silly for being so nervous. The CreativeLIVE crew is absolutely amazing, warm, welcoming and FUN. I was given a rare opportunity to learn from Christa Meola, one of the best boudoir photographers in the industry….in person and surrounded by some of the most awesome people whom I can now call my friends! (hey sexy six pack!). It’s really hard to explain the difference between being there in person from watching it at home on your computer, but it’s amazing. Afterwards, we bonded over drinks and conversations about our own businesses and where we see ourselves going over the next year(s). I’ve taken away so much valuable information from the 3 days of CreativeLIVE and so much about myself as a photographer. Can I just say, that it is incredibly surreal to stand up in front of-not only Christa Meola, but students, camera guys, a production crew AND hundreds of thousands of people and shoot knowing that people are critiquing your every move…, it’s a bit surreal. But I really wouldn’t trade it for the world and I’m so incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to grow which sometimes means-getting ourselves out of our comfort zone. This whole weekend was all about that for me!

Thanks to Christa, I have recognized several weak spots that I need to work on and I have a to-do list a mile long but I’m so excited to get started!

Below are a few of the images that I shot while attending CreativeLIVE. Some of them I’m proud of and some of them I see lots of room for improvement, but hey, cut a sister a break! Stay tuned for some more behind the scene photos on tomorrows blog!



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  • LOVE your images and even more your kind words about your creativeLIVE experience! My goodness the sexy six pack ROCKED! See ya next week in Vegas. Congrats on putting your heart into this weekend!

  • Tim says:

    You and the other students did an awesome job. It was really fun to watch!

  • sara f says:

    Jen, I just wanted to say you were my favorite guest photographer at creativelive this weekend:) The others were great in their own way, but if I still lived in PA I feel like we could be best friends. You have such a great personality and it shows through on your blog. Keep up the great work!

  • Kimberley says:

    Adore your couples shots seriously hawt! I was at home trying hard to catch rewatches of the creative Live sessions.. it was a nutty weekend. Your site rocks (busy but rocks as you showcase you) you are just so darn friendly! Can’t wait to see how things launch into the stratosphere for you from here!

  • Hi Jen:
    I am really happy you enjoyed the weekend workshop! Christa M seemed great! You do a fabulous job under pressure. I am enjoying your shots from the weekend and can not wait to see more of your results.

  • Jen, it was so fun to watch you and the sexy six pack work with Christa. You all handled the pressure and critique very well. Thanks for posting your images. They are beautiful!

  • Rebecca says:

    Hi Jen! I haven’t stopped by in a while ~ I just got done watching the Day 1 session with Christa! Imagine my surprise and excitement to see that you were in attendance 🙂
    How wonderful it must have been to be able to experience such a fabulous opportunity. Congratulations to you ~ can’t wait to watch the rest. All the best ~ Rebecca

  • I couldn’t come up with a better group of people spend my time at CreativeLIVE with! And damn girl, you rocked those shots!

  • I watched the whole weekend online, but I had to miss the couples section and I’m bummed about that. so I’m glad i got to see a couple of your images here. I’d love to see more.

  • Jen!!!! Your shots are beautiful!!!! Sexy six pack rules!! You have such a beautiful light about you and I am so blessed to have been picked to be a part of this experience with you. Oh I can’t wait till we all get together again!!!

  • cherron says:

    Love the one on the right of the 2nd row. You were so fun to watch. Great job!

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