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By March 20, 2012 No Comments

EVERY TIME after speaking to a group, I run through the talk in my mind thinking, “oh my gosh, what did I say?” “Did I explain that correctly?” “How many tangents did I go off on…look squirrel!”. hahaha!

After driving home from this evening’s talk with students of The Student Photography Association-SPA at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)….I laughed….REALLY hard thinking about something I had said… was funny….but man on man, it was one of those “foot in mouth” moments. It happened when we were talking about boudoir photography. I’m still laughing……haha!! For those of you who were there….sorry about that! Tee he he!

Anyway……I can’t believe the amount of talent that was in that room and the different backgrounds that each person brings to the table. I just wish I had been involved in such an awesome group when I was in college! It was great to put a face to the names that comment on my Facebook page a lot, talk business and all the other geeky stuff about photography!  I’m honored that they asked me to come speak…….I hope it won’t be the last. I’d love to come hang out with you guys more often!

I also realized on the way home….we never got a group shot..BOOO!!! But I do have this photo that I took while demonstrating something on my camera-see Andrew, that’s what you get for sitting up front! haha! 😉




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