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I’m soo excited about this! The deadline to submit an entry for the Prom Paparazzi Contest has come to an end and we have chosen the top 5 entries for you all to vote on! What you are reading are words straight from the minds of our local teens. They were asked to submit a paragraph on an “idea” on help to promote anti-bullying in their schools, community, online, etc. and these are some of the entries that were received. Keep in mind, these ideas were submitted by teens in our local high schools, so let’s be encouraging and demonstrate good sportsmanship. We do not necessarily endorse these ideas, or any of the other ideas that have been submitted on behalf of the contest, but we certainly look forward to positive, productive conversations about how they could be implemented in your area.  I reserve the right to delete any and all in appropriate comments…so thank you in advance for keeping this friendly and encouraging!  I’m not displaying whether they are male/female, what school they are attending or what grade they are in, what I think is most important is that they took the time to think about a great cause and spent the energy to submit it. Thank you to each and everyone who entered the contest….remember EVERYTHING starts with an idea! 🙂

Voting will end on Wednesday, April 11th at 6pm. A huge thank you to all of our sponsors:  Chestnut Ridge Resort and Spa The Flower Gallery, Indiana Tuxedo and for the donation on behalf of the partnership between jen mcken photography and the ABC-Anti Bullying Coalition-because without YOU…*MY* idea wouldn’t have been possible! 🙂 If this is your first time visiting, here is the reason WHY I’m having the prom contest!

How to VOTE:
1. Visit Jen McKen’s Facebook page:
2. Look for the Prom Contest Folder among the picture folders and read through all of the ideas.
3. Vote by giving the idea you like best a “thumbs up” before April 11th at 6pm.
4. Encourage your friends and family to vote-easy peasy! 🙂

What’s up for graps? Basically a free prom……
A photography session valued at $950.00 (In the event that jen mcken is not available on the date of the winner’s prom, a substitute session will be provided at a later date.), a spa session at Chestnut Ridge Resort and Spa valued at $125.00, corsage + boutonniere valued at $50 thanks to the Flower Gallery and a free tuxedo rental from Indiana Tuxedo valued at $100 AND………  $500 CASH in honor of the partnership between jen mcken photography and  The Anti-Bullying Coalition. WHAT WHAT!! For a full list of the rules of the contest, including how a winner will be picked if there should be a tie, please visit the original blog.

Below are the ideas you’ll be voting on (in no particular order)….remember to vote you must go to the facebook fan page as listed below! Good luck everyone!! 🙂



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