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I told myself before leaving for vacation that I was going to relax and really try to enjoy myself. That meant not running across the resort to “get the shot” when I saw something cool going on. Instead, I relaxed (the best I could) and enjoyed the family time….which was mostly spent laying on the beach….but I did manage to bust out my “big girl camera” mostly in the evenings. Everything else, I shot with my iphone. If you follow me on instagram, you would have already seen those 🙂

The resort we ended up staying at had a wonderful natural wildlife reserve-which for Mallory was HEAVEN! She got to see birds, turtles and all kinds of other little creatures. We spent many early evenings before dinner going on a treasure hunt for what other animals we could spot!

She was so fascinated with this tree!

One of the reasons I love visiting the Caribbean, is for all of the beautiful colors. I would totally paint my house this color if I could…..and if my neighbors wouldn’t hate me! haha!

Greg and I had all you can drink cocktails….and Mallory had all you can drink “Shirley Temples” and hot chocolates!

She asked me if she could go “jump” and if I’d take her photo…..haha!

We happened to be on the beach walking around when the water taxi came to pick up all the beach salesman. You know, those guys that go around yelling, “looky looky, cheapy cheapy” to get you to buy their bracelets, paintings, cigars, etc. This was quite a thing to see, out of no where they all piled on the boat and were off until the next day of work!

You can’t go to the beach without photographing your footprints…..duh!!!

Mallory was recruited to be in a kids show on one of the last few nights we were there. She dressed up in her “fancy” dress and asked me if she could have some makeup. She told me later that she felt like she was Hannah Montana while she was up on stage. She did such a fantastic job up there in front of everyone. The bottom picture cracks me up because there is a little girl is peaking out of the curtain! haha!

On the last night that we were on the resort, the courtyard came to life with vendors trying to tell their little treasures. There was music, there was food and lots and lots of culture.

This man was making these awesome bowls and hats made out of palm leaves. What most people don’t know is that you can not get these past customs. BUMMER!! Lots of people don’t know and were buying them up like hot cakes. Word has it that the US customs don’t want to take the chance of them having tropical bugs. Something to keep in mind when purchasing your souvenirs.

 The guy above is blowing glass…Mallory really enjoyed watching him mold a little unicorn.

Greg and Mallory are shopping for the perfect necklace. Yes her face is pink…….she had a face painting of hello kitty and loved it so much she didn’t want to wash it off for dinner! 🙂

You also can’t go to the beach and not shoot a few sunrise shots! 🙂

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