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yo androids…… | jen mcken, photographer

By April 3, 2012 One Comment

YO Androids….welcome to Instagram!! If you haven’t heard ( I mean , it’s old news by now) Instagram, the photo-sharing app (that I LOOOVE) is now available on Google’s Android operating system. WOOT! I know you’re doing the happy dance right now…but did you also know that you can put Instagram on your facebook fan/like page ? YEP!! Thanks to Statigram, you can have it on your page as well! You’re welcome! 🙂

Here’s where it’s located on my page:


and this is what it looks like to someone visiting your page:


To add it to your page, go to my fan page ( and click on the Instagram folder. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Add your instagram to your page”. Continue and follow the directions!

Find me….I’m: @jenmcken 🙂


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