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Part 1 of Jen and Hayden’s wedding started out rather conservatively……….but that didn’t last long..haha!! I’m a true believer that the people you choose to ask to be in your wedding party will determine the “funness” of your photos (I think I just made that up). If you want FUN photos, ask fun people to be in your bridal party… just so  happens that all of their friends were FUN-TASTIC <insert spirit fingers> and we had a blast at Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort while roaming around to take the group shots. As you can see form the image below, sometimes we went off the beaten path….but we sure did have fun! I apologize for the photo overload, but it’s necessary! haha!

It was soooo hot and humid and the sun was blazing down so we HADDDD to go really fast-you know, just to feel the breeze!! tee he he!!

We had to stop for a few “romantic shots”…

I looove her shades! She bought them to take to her honeymoon to Punta Cana!

I love this set of photos. It was so bright and hot, but between all the chaos, we found a calm little patch of high grass!

I seriously had so much fun with these guys! You’d never guess it was close to 90 degrees and HUMID! They were such great sports!

The gorgeous ladies! I also loved her color choice of dress/flowers.


The best entrance EVER!! The party got started right away! As they walked thru the golden doors the music was going and they got DOWWWWN!!!!

..and of course, the cake cutting….

Things calmed down just a bit for the toasts. 🙂

The first dance…look how he’s looking at her…AWWW!!

and it’s PAR-TAY TIME!!!!

I do believe they are doing “the wobble” in this image above! 🙂

The image above is of shot glasses. Just a little something we do up yonder in Southwestern PA…it’s called the bridal dance/the money dance/ etc. And guests put a dollar (or more) into a sack, take a shot and then bust thru the guests dancing around the bride to dance with her before it’s the next persons turn.

Typically there is polka music playing and the energy is high! Guests stand in line for their turn and for Jen and Hayden’s wedding….the line was SO LONG!!

Traditionally, the Bride and Groom use the money from the Dollar Dance to use on their honeymoon! 🙂 It can be EXHAUSTING for the bride so there’s usually a Bridemaid on hand with a glass of water 🙂 In the below shot, you can see her brother passing thru to get to the bride!


Then…..when the last person has gotten their chance to dance with the Bride, the crowd forms a barrier around her and the Groom must break in! This is where it gets fun. The guys at the wedding try to hold him back while he tries every trick up his sleeve to get to his new wife.

 But when everything is said and done, after keeping him away, they usually just lift him up and take him to his Bride! 🙂

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