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santa letters, christmas bulbs and frisky grandmas!!

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This is what happens when you get a bunch of “crazies” together……they decorate a tree! 🙂 hahaha!

It’s been a tradition for the past 7 years. The weekend after Thanksgiving, my parents get out the 14 foot Christmas Tree and the whole family gathers to help decorate. There’s ALWAYS holiday music, there’s ALWAYS food, Santa ALWAYS makes a stop and there’s ALWAYS a few laughs……even if they are other’s expense…tee he he!

This year was no different. In a nut shell: the younger kids decorate the bottom of the tree until the older kids/adults lift them to reach the top. The rest of us stay back and take lots of pictures LOL. The little ones ran around excited for Santa to arrive and we all eat… much!


Writing letters to Santa…he’ll be stopping by soon!

….and the decorating starts….

Sometimes the little ones can’t reach… the big kids lift them to reach the top.

….and some of them stand from the balcony and throw bulbs on the trees hoping they’ll stick! hahaha!!

This year….I don’t think ANY bulbs were broken! yay!

That’s my Grandma! She’s a hottie! 🙂 haha!

I love this! My little cousin and I being weird! Ok mostly me being weird!!!

Filling in the gaps!

Santa’s on his way!

Santa tricked them! Instead of coming down the chimney…he stuck in thru the basement!

They could hardly contain themselves!

Even *I* got my photo with Santa….ohh and so did Grandma! She’s a frisky one I tell ya! haha!

Me, Mallory and Greg!

I told you I grew up with a deer head on the wall. Even it gets decorated! hahaha!

T’iss the Season! Happy Holiday’s Everyone!!!


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