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frisbee + randall : the two stooges!

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For those of you who don’t have kids….you’re probably rolling your eyes right now thinking “ohh GAWD, this thing is creepy!” or ” I can’t believe he’s so naughty, that’s not teaching the kids to ‘behave’?” ….WELL…….our elf is PERFECT for our family. We joke, play pranks and don’t take life to seriously….so Fribee fits in perfectly around here!

I posted this on facebook last night and lots of people were asking exactly WHO IS THIS co-conspirator that has been showing up in the pictures I’ve been posting. His name is Randall the Reindeer.  We found him by accident while out Christmas shopping about a week ago. I passed the packaging and thought, “hey wait, he’d make a perfect friend for Frisbee our Elf. And quite honestly, Mallory is 8 and although I think she’s starting to catch on…this will be the last year that she’s going to “believe” and I’m milking it for all it’s worth, SOOO, we decided to mix it up a bit!

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So we bought Randall and brought him home to our family. So what’s his story? Two weeks before Christmas last year Santa lost his naughty and nice list, and Randall along with his friends Timmy the Elf and Camilla the hare helped save the day! Randall is an honest and kind little fellow, and it is his dream to help Santa by doing something extraordinary. Randall hides and watches children’s behavior so that he can report back to Santa with a Naughty or Nice report. BUT at our house, he’s teamed up with Frisbee and during the day, they watch over Mallory to monitor the naughty or nice behavior and then at night they get into shenanigans  I like to think of them as the TWO STOOGES..but Randall has been getting the short end of the stick! haha! In any regard, our whole family gets a kick out of it and laughs together in the morning. Mallory loves to wake up and rush down stairs to see what silly thing they have gone and done!

I have a feeling we’ll be laughing about this around the dinner table 20 years from now. “Hey Mom….do you remember, when Frisbee did this or that?” And we’ll laugh until our bellies hurt about all the pranks he pulled! <3

For those of you who are interested in adding Randall to your family, here is his official facebook page:  Tell them him I sent you……I need all the help I can get to get on the “nice list”!! Tee he he!!


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