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our family vacation………MGM Studio’s

By January 31, 2013 8 Comments

We spent day 3 at MGM Studios! This was Greg’s favorite…he LOOVES movies/films. If you ask him to name the actors/actresses from any movie..he could probably tell you along with his favorite lines! He seriously watches at least one movie a day…’m.not.kidding. Redbox LOVES us! haha!

If you missed yesterday’s post from The Magic Kingdom, you can see that *here*.

Mallory waiting patiently while eating the infamous fish crackers and looking all fly in her sun glasses! (her words not mine)

If you’ve been to Disney, you know ALL about the long lines…luckily they weren’t all that bad. Here is Mallory and Greg standing in line waiting for Mini Mouse……look, they are twinsies! haha!

We enjoyed a few 3-D rides and shows….

….learned a little more about the creation of Mickey Mouse-the one who started it all…..

…and got tons more signatures….who knew that an army guy could sign his name! haha!

I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her stickers were in the WRONG place!!! haha!

This one cracks me up….the lighting sucks…but the reaction is hilarious. This is her asking me, “Mom what is THAT?” ……hahaha! This poor child will never know the awesomeness of a rotary phone! hah!

Ohh you know…just hanging out on some fake steps!

My favorite ride at MGM…and a must ride if you go in the future….Toy Story! My score sucked but it was fun none the less!!

Then we got to meet Woody and Buzz!

Arrrg matey!

…..and THEN….we ate at the drive in movies…in a car!!! Although it was more of a burger joint…it was probably one of my favorite places.

If you get the chance to go….you HAVE to check it out! I wish they had something cool like this around where we live! Greg and I were trying to scheme how we could bring it to big bad Blairsville! haha!

The milkshakes were to DIE for… really…like to DIEEEE for! Dead!

And of course she gave *ME* the violation! Pshh, just because I’ve had a few speeding tickets in the past!

She played the part in this picture perfectly! I swear we weren’t sending her packin! haha!

Have you ever wondered how many pictures you are in the background of from other people’s vacations…….? I think about things like this ALLL the time! haha! Tomorrow, I’ll share a few images from our Epcot experience! 🙂

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