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our family vacation………. Epcot

By February 1, 2013 7 Comments

By day 4 into our trip our feet were hurting SO BAD! Like, I thought I was walking on stubs…I know you know what I’m talking about! Then as I’m standing in line to ride thinking about how I want to cut my feet off, I’d watch some 20 something girl walk by in her stiletto hills and I won’t lie…I wanted to punch her! haha! But on a serious note, we had a great time. We rode the ride SOARIN which was awesome. I took photo with my iphone of that ride …I do recommend it if you are going to Epcot anytime soon. But run to it….like your life depended on it…because the line is always long and the fast passes run out very quickly!

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One of the perks of staying on the Disney Resort is that you get passes that give you access to the park in a “special line”. As all the regular admission tickers are being sold and the line is clear back to the parking lot, if you have a room key you get to get into the park faster. We used this to our advantage. Often times right when we walked into the park, the character lines were super short because we were one of the first ones into the park. This also helped us get on to the SOARIN ride more quickly!

Find Nemo was really cute! The funniest thing was the weird looks I got from people when I was photographing things without a flash. They’d tell me 10 times each day that my “flash didn’t go off”. I just smiled and said thank you! haha!

She was super mesmerized with this. We have always called Mallory our “water baby” she is in the water ANY CHANCE she gets. We can see her being a surfer or something along those lines. When they brought out the diver she watched in awe and immediately got in line to get a picture with him.

For those of you who KNOW me….like in real life, you know that I love everything about personal finance. So much that I started a blog about it earlier this month (which I haven’t posted on in a while) so when we went into the Innovation building and they had a game on how to SAVE for a big event, I was sooo excited. You picked something you wanted to save for (a vacation, retirement, college, or a room makeover). Mallory chose the room make over-OBVIOUSLY!!! And then you went around to each station with a piggy bank and it taught you skills to save and diversify your money using games. I was in love……..personal finance nerdy love!!

Cool down time! Notice the little boy…yeah he got knocked over by the water about 2 seconds later! Man DOWN….man DOWN!!! Sorry I was busy laughing to get a photo! tee he he!! (Mom laughed too so don’t judge me!!)

Greg was in heaven during the “Test Track” ride. He’s a car man! We’ve known each other for a total of 12 years and within those 12 years, he’s probably owned 30 vehicles (not all at the same time).

The dancing water!

Character dinner 🙂

I can officially say….we walked around the world in 45 minutes! 🙂

Epcot is so magical at night!

I remember these from when I was in high school. My Mom brought us and I remember standing and staring at them and how pretty I thought they were. Funny that all these years later….my daughter is doing the same thing! <3

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  • Melissa 'Feipel' Rezab says:

    We are taking our kids (5 & 2) to orlando later this year and I LOVED seeing all of your instagram photos of the trip! I cant wait to take the kids this year!

  • Billie Rich says:

    I’ve so enjoyed looking at these Disney pictures. I feel like I know you from your blog and your pictures. You guys are the coolest parent ever. Mallory is so lucky that her Mom is a pro photographer who beautifully documents these awesome moments in her life.

  • Janet Walker says:

    Will you be taking your camera? LOL

  • Jen McKen says:

    Epcot pictures! 🙂

  • Barb Kennedy says:

    My facebook worlds collide. I am a huge Walt Disney World fan and I see hundreds of photos from the World each week on my news feed, mostly shot with a cell phone camera. Your pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing – you made my day!

  • Erin Weber says:

    I’m always sad when I realize I’m at the last picture of your posts…

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