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our family vacation ………… Animal Kingdom

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 It’s actually a little depressing posting this. For one it’s the last day our family spent at Disney but also, it’s hard to believe than less an a week ago we were in beautiful weather…but today, back in Southwestern, PA it’s 23 degrees, snowing and gray! BUT…on the brighter side, it is Ground Hog Day and Phil did predict an early spring! WOOT WOOT!

If you’re interested in seeing the other days at Disney, the links are included below!

The Magic Kingdom
MGM Studios

 Blue skies…..sun…..oh, how I miss thee!

The infamous “Tree of Life”-a 14-story, 50-foot wide sculpted tree which serves as centerpiece and icon of Animal Kingdom. It’s also how we knew where we were in the park. haha! 

Oh…and see I do EXSIST!!! Cheesy smile and all! 🙂

Mallory somewhere in Africa.

The Safari! I think this was one of our favorites! We got the front seat so we had prime photo taking  spots! Our driver was pretty awesome too!

Oh hey…looks it’s me again…kinda!

I love this shot above of Mallory stretching to see the birds. You can see her and our drivers reflection in the mirror.

We had such gorgeous morning light! Sorry I nerd out over these things!

It was such a gorgeous morning!

There was a little boy behind us that kept saying, “look mom…more AM-inals!” It was the cutest thing EVER!

Somewhere in Africa hanging clothes out to dry. I can hardly get her to put them in the dirty clothes at home! haha!

Face painting has come a long way since I was little!

Our last Character dinner was at the Tusker House…..basically we paid A LOT of money and only ate the Macaroni and Cheese from the kids menu. At least she got some signatures though!

Dino World!!!

I’m sad that it’s over…but we’re already planning our next adventure!  Did you know:

The Tree of Life is topped with more than 103,000 translucent, five-shades-of-green leaves made of kynar that were individually placed and actually blow in the wind. It’s Engineered from a refitted Oil platform.  On the exterior of it are carved images of 325 animals…and Yes, there is a hidden Mickey on it!

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