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sandra + troy | destination wedding portraits | key west

By March 13, 2013 6 Comments

I realize I posted a LOT of pictures in this post……but ERMAHGERD, it was so amazingly gorgeous. Coming from Southwestern PA where the skies are gray and dull this time of year and the sun is trapped behind them, the fact that the lighting was beaming down at the Pier House thru all the trees just made me a happy gal. Before you see the images below, I have to share with you just a little bit about the proposal…..because it’s so sweet.

Sandra lost her Dad to Prostate Cancer in 1993.  This past Father’s Day, Sandra participated in a fundraising awareness walk where she helped raise money in his honor. At the end of the walk, Troy was there with her daughters cheering her on at the finish line……with a banner that read, “Will You Marry Me?”  The sweetest thing……he asked her daughters for their  permission first! <3

Oh…. and incase you missed the first part of this series, you can view those here:

The first look 🙂 The Resort had these little paths that were surrounded by greenery and meandered thru … was the perfect private area for them to have that first look moment.

And then we wandered around the resort looking for awesome photo opportunities. Because Greg and I got there a few days earlier, we were able to scope out the locations during different times of the day. I knew the sun would be in the perfect location to use the pergola and I HAD to use it. I’m in love with the lines that sun creates.  Besides the fact that is has such awesome character!


This image is one of my favorites, because it wasn’t planned. She was looking back to see where I had gone…………because I was going all “ninja” in the bushes! haha!

Seriously…..I’m in love with these images!

This place has a story to tell…..and I love shooting at places like this! I told you it would be SO worth it Sandra!!

I love the image of the two of them above. Sandra had gone into a full out CHEESE session and Troy was standing off to the side laughing at her! 🙂

See……I love that my Brides have a sense of humor, don’t take life to seriously and aren’t afraid to laugh out loud!

Ohhhhh hey Sexy MAMA!!! Troy you are looking rather dashing yourself!

Can I just move to Key West and restart my wedding business there??

And this……SWOON!

…and a little sand between the toes!!! It’s good for the soul!



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