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sandra + troy | key west wedding | destination wedding

By March 12, 2013 4 Comments

I have been thinking about these blog posts forever!! First off, it was an AMAZING wedding but the BEST part is how it all happened! I mentioned on Facebook a while back that it’s CRAZY how people come into your life and that some of my best friendships have originated online. Greg for one (yes we met online 12 years ago), some of my best photographer friends and even my clients. I am so incredibly grateful and amazed everyday that because of people like Sandra and Troy, I get to live my dream creating beautiful images of the most important parts of people’s lives.

I met Sandra thru a one sentence email……it went a little something like this (completely out of the blue). “Hey Jen, How would you feel about shooting a wedding in Key West?.  In which I responded, “Is this spam?” hahaha! She wrote back saying ” No! This is Sandra and I’m from Virginia (insert personal information and she even included her first born’s name) so can you send me over your contract so I can get this taken care of?” “But you don’t even know what my fee is….” Five seconds later the phone rings and it’s Sandra with her sweet sassy self! She said that she’s been following me ever since the bullying article went viral (if you’re new, you can read that here) and she told herself that when Troy proposes, she was going to contact me to shoot her wedding. Well, he finally put a ring on it so she was contacting me almost a year and half out just to make sure the date was available. She was insistant on getting it booked and taken care of so that she would KNOW I would be there! So even though we chatted many times on the phone and thru email, I didn’t get to officially meet her face to face until a few days before the wedding on the Sunset Cruise. She was just as awesome in person as I had imagined! <3

Fast forward, as I’m shooting the ceremony and the wind was blowing thru the deck where they were saying their vows, I looked thru my little view finder and thought, isn’t it funny how life works. That weekends was a meaningful weekend on so many levels, it was Greg and I’s anniversary weekend, my sisters birthday (which is the whole reason I got into photography) but also the sheer fact that someone ( a stranger) had enough faith in my abilities that she flew myself and Greg down to Key West and trusted that we would get her some “kick ass” images.  I can’t believe how this little black box I call my camera has changed my life. Inside, I’m still the little girl from the trailer park and I never want to forget how far I’ve come or where I’ve come from because I think it’s good for the soul….but  I would have never imaged making such amazing relationships, traveling to shoot at gorgeous locations and having the responsibility to documenting people’s lives.

I may have went to her wedding as a stranger, but I can honestly say, when I left, I felt like I have a whole extended family! <3

Sandra….I hope you enjoy these…’s just the tip of the iceberg! <3


Pretty awesome view right!?! All photos were taken around the resort of The Pier House and Spa.

Just a sample of the bling.

I love this shot in the mirror! I’m a sucker for reflections.

Her hair was GORGEOUS!!

I was in love with the bouquets… bright and colorful, they just make you want to smile!

Lots of people asked about her dress……it’s a lace all over Madame Trousseau….. sizzle sizzle

The “seeing the dress for the first time” look! LOOVE IT….and her! 🙂

This is probably one of my favorite shots from the afternoon….well ONE of them! She was stunning!

Just a few finishing touches……

Ohhh YEAH!!! Werk it Sandra! As you’ll see in future blog posts….”werking it” was a theme throughout the night! I just love her!

It was impossible to get her to NOT smile! She was so radiant!

Seriously…as if she couldn’t be any more gorgeous!!

and the last little bit of calmness before heading off to see her Groom for the first time! *SWOON*



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