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I don’t always get to share’s not because they are overly inappropriate (because I refuse to take “those” kinds)  but mostly because they are surprises for their fiances’ or husbands. So when she told me I could share them, I wanted to squeeze her and jump up and down!  I mean, seriously, she’s gorgeous!!!

I know the holiday’s are coming up and some of you have already called to ask about booking  the glam/boudoir shoot for Valentine’s Day already… never mind that we haven’t even made it thru Christmas yet!! haha! So the answer is yes, I am taking a few sessions like these before the holidays. They can be shot either here at my small scale studio or if you want to have them taken at a place of your choice (which is what she did)-that is also fine with me! Just shoot me an email at …and just a heads up, there are no weekend dates available. (boo, I know!)


AND…. be warned…there’s really no way to top this gift for next year! HAHA!


boudoir photography, jen mcken photographerboudoir photography, jen mcken photographer

I love this shot!!

boudoir photography, jen mcken photographer

…and these were part of a gift for her husband, I would have love to have been there to see his reaction!

boudoir photography, jen mcken photographer

yeah, she pretty much made my job easy! <3

boudoir photography, jen mcken photographer


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