Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays….mostly because you get to be “big little kids” and dress up and look ridiculous. The past several years, we haven’t really had the opportunity to dress up because of shooting events or weddings during the holiday season..but this year the cards played out so that we had a weekend off and we took advantage of it.  We even drove the Bat Mobile! HAHA!

These are just iphone/instagram (instagram name:jenmcken) photos mostly because I left my “big girl camera” at home so that I could enjoy myself and not have to baby sit my equipment all night…..but we had a great time and Greg even won box seats for the Steeler’s game in a few weeks against Buffalo! WOOT WOOT!  (Courtesy of Chestnut Ridge)

halloween costumes batman and batwoman

halloween costumes batman and batwomanhalloween costumes batman and batwoman

….and Miss Mallory, well, what do you think, does she make a great Smurfette or what!?

smurfette halloween costume

She wanted to be Smurfette so bad this year but there were no costumes that we could find for her size….so we did the usual and pieced it together ourselves! She was so proud AND she won “best cartoon character” at the parade! She put her trophy next to all the other trophies from playing school sports 🙂

smurfette halloween costume


Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

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