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I will lose 100 pounds | my weightloss journey

By October 28, 2013 16 Comments

I will lose 100 pounds. There I said it. That is my goal. Everyone asks me all the time, how much more do you want to lose…and that’s my answer. I want to lose 100 pounds just so I can say I did. As of today, I can stand before you and say that I’m only 30 more pounds away from my goal. This morning, the scale has officially said that I’ve lost 70 pounds. SEVENTY pounds. That is insane!!! I’ve come a long way…but those additional 30 pounds that I want to lose I know will be no cake walk. It’s starting to slow down now and I’m ok with that because I feel so much better. After a friend had experienced some weight loss, when her clinic jumped on discounts on Vevazz LED units, it served to push me into my own journey of losing weight too.

jen mcken weight loss journey

This is me holding 70 pounds-in the middle of Walmart, but it’s 70 pounds. I’m so glad I don’t have to walk around with that any longer!

Part of the reason that I wanted to even share my journey with you guys was to hold myself accountable….but also for those days that I was feeling like I was being defeated, I wanted to be able to pull up the blogs read how I was feeling or what I was going thru so that I could remember how far I’ve come. I thought that if I put it out there, I’d be more likely to stick to it. So here I am 10 months in and 70 pounds less ALL.BY.MY.SELF. When I started, I tried the keto diet. I made little to no progress and was gutted. I then found out about a ketosis supplement and when I started adding it into my diet I started to make some progress. The supplement was making all the difference, but eventually I ran out of it and I decided to try something new. I hadn’t been exercising enough as I didn’t have the energy whilst on that diet, so I made a change. No shakes, no gimmiks, no more fad diets….just some good old fashion exercise and healthy eating- all while working full time, helping coach 3rd and 4th grade cheerleaders AND running Mallory back and forth to practices and games……AND the normal everyday duties of keeping up with the household. WHAT WHAT!!!! I made time…I had to, because my alternative wasn’t looking so great! Getting healthy became my second full time job and I’ve been so grateful to have met some amazing friends along the way. They’ve supported me in every decision, they’ve helped me when I’ve struggled. One even suggested that I make use of a Fitbit to help motivate me when it came to exercise and I’m so grateful for this decision. I remember looking on Mobile Mob one evening, and then my Fitbit arrived, and I’ve never felt more motivated to do exercise. It’s really helped me.

I won’t ever forget the time Mallory got her new bus driver. We had just moved into the house we live in now and everything was new for her. New school, new bus driver, etc. After her first day of school, she hopped off the bus, gave me a hug and said “Mommy, I got a new bus driver, she’s BIG.” “Oh, she is?” “Yeah, but not big like you , she’s TALLLLLLLL!” And of course we laughed and giggled about it, but kids tell it like it is…..and as much as it hurt coming from the mouth of babes, it’s how she saw me. I remember that story every time I want to quit.

I mentioned it before in previous posts, but I started jotting down little milestones or things that were relevant to my weight loss so that I could share them in my monthly updates. But first, if you’re a “first timer” and you’re thinking, what is this chic talking are the other 4 previous posts 🙂

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And as always, these are certainly in no order-it’s just how my brain works 🙂

jen mcken weight loss journey

I was NEVER a runner, so this moment was huge….I ran my first mile WITHOUT STOPPING! WOOT WOOT!!! 🙂

My first mile: So to some of you, this is peanuts, I totally get it…but for me this is huge. Thanks to my new friend Janel (whom I met thru photographing her newborn), we began walking together and after mentioning to her that someday I’d love to run a 5K, she looked at me and said, “well do you wanna run now?” To which I looked at her with a blank stare thinking that she was joking. NOPE, she wasn’t joking and even though I had been doing the C25K app, it has you stop to walk every once in a while so I never really knew how long I could push myself. With Janel running beside me and instantly turning into a personal trainer, I ran 1 mile without stopping. I’m happy to say that THAT was a few weeks ago and now I’m up to just over 2 miles without stopping. When I say that out loud it sounds insane because I was always the person that avoided it all together. So that was a huge milestone for me. I’ll be running a 5k in no time. 🙂

Holes in my shoes: with all this talk about running miles and such it reminded me how I have officially ran “out of” my shoes. I’ve had a few pairs of shoes since I started and during walk the other day at the trail (where they have little tiny pebbles on the path) a rock broke thru the sole of my shoes. I put a lot of miles on those puppies and although I was really bummed that I’d have to buy a new pair….I was kind of proud that I essentially wore thru a pair of shoes with how much I’ve been active. 🙂

jen mcken weight loss journey

Whole Foods: this story is laughable. I hadn’t read this article before I left, but after going there for the first time this past month with my friend Cherie and then coming home and reading it, I wanted to pee in my pants that’s how funny it was. I feel like *I* could have written this article about my experience there. I left there totally feeling inadequate and worthless. I didn’t know what half the crap was and it made me realize that I’m not one of *those* people. But it was fun..and I did get some really yummy fresh peanut butter….and an ab workout from laughing so hard! HAHAH! Namaste!

jen mcken weight loss journey

I’ve developed watermelon problems! Is there a support group for this?! haha!

Watermelon: I think I have a problem. Since this time last month, I have eaten 6 entire watermelons all by my self. It’s a serious issue…’s so bad that Greg is running to Walmart at 10:30 at night to get me a watermelon. When he gets back I cut that baby in half and eat it right out of the top like it’s a bowl. Everyone knows, don’t bother Mom while she’s eating her watermelon. hahaha. It’s one of the only sweet treats I allow myself and sometimes, I just don’t know when to stop! HAHA! I’ve never been a huge watermelon eater either….it’s funny how your taste for things change once you’re eating differently.

I have no clothes: This makes me feel like I’m back in 6th grade sitting on the floor in front of my closet before school throwing a fit that I have nothing to wear…haha! The seasons are changing, if it’s not apparent by all the pretty fall leaves and the problem is that all of my clothes from last year do not fit any longer and the clothes that did fit are summer clothes. I’ve been holding off for as long as possible before buying anything for the cooler months but just yesterday we had snow…in October! So, funny story. I was called to do some head shots at a local business which just happens to be a machine shop kind of environment. I woke up and it was WAY colder than I had anticipated and all the dressy clothes I had to wear for weddings were for 80 degree days, so I dug thru some stuff and found a pair of black leggings/tights to wear with a longer shirt and some boots. Little did I know, I’d have to go into the machine shop area to do the head shots which required me to wear a helmet, boot covers and goggles….AND I had to carry my bag, hold my camera AND climb a latter. As I’m on the latter bending over to get the shot I needed, I can feel my pants start to sag…let’s just say, I caught them just in time….in machine shop full of men. I mean it was early…but it certainly wasn’t the crack of dawn! Good Lord I was never so happy to get out of there. I went shopping the next day! HAHAHAH!

My mantra: fat is stored energy. It’s the truth, I mean it’s just stored energy that wasn’t used up so it stuck around waiting. As I’m exercising and want to give up, or it’s really warm in my bed at the early hours of the morning, OR it’s raining or too cold to be outside, I just remember that the fat is not going to go away unless I get rid of the energy. 🙂

47.5 inches: I use to keep track of the numbers of a piece of paper..but now I’m all high tech, actually not because there is probably a better more efficient way to do it however, I recently put all of my measurements on google documents so that I can track it from anywhere. I’m proud to say that not only have I lost 70 pounds but I have also lost 47.5 inches total from all over my body since Jan of this past year!

Look how much extra room there is!

My ring: another cool thing happened to me a few weeks ago. While watching my daughter’s basketball game, I was clapping because her team made a basket and my ring fell right off my finger. Most people would be mortified….not me, It was an awesome day. (yes I found it) THEN the other day, during a dance/workout class I go to, it fell off again. I have Greg convinced that I need a whole NEW ring….I’m not sure he realizes it can be re-sized. Let’s just keep that on the DL. haha!

The words: Someone actually said these words to me at a wedding “You are the cutest little photographer!”. Now I would beg to differ on the “little” part (I still have a ways to go) but I wanted to jump up and down and scream like a giddy little school girl. It was a wedding guest who had never met me and quite frankly had no clue who I was, so for them to say that simple “little” (pun intended) word…..seriously made my day.

Oh hey, I'm a ninja!

Oh hey, I’m a ninja!

Trick or Treating: At this same time last year, I was dreading taking my daughter trick or treating. The neighborhood I grew up in is basically one huge hill and it’s also where lots of my relatives still live so we have always gone there to go trick or treating with Mallory. Thinking about walking up the hill got me anxious because I knew I”d be out of breath. But this year….well, I won’t be taking the “mommy tax”. You know the “tax” we take in snickers, kit kat and recese’s cups for having to walk them around! haha! This year I’m giving her a tax break! haha!

BEEF: You’re reading that thinking, what the heck is she talking about. Earlier this month, Greg and I shot a wedding at which the guests were served buffet style. Out of the kitchen came two large men carrying a huge slab of beef that would be cut for the guests as they were going thru the line. I sat there in awe, because I looooove beef but more so because I couldn’t help but wander how much it weighed. As I made my way thru the line, I asked the guy serving the beef, “How much does that thing weigh?” Without missing a beat he said 67 pounds….and then my mouth dropped. I walked away from the line thinking OMG, that’s what I’ve lost and it’s feeding 200 people. It was a huge eye opener.

Albino Skunk: I got sprayed by a skunk…but not by just any skunk…an albino skunk…in the early morning out on my run/walk. I was cruising right along with my headset on, jamming out to some good tunes when an overwhelming smell comes at me and it runs into the bushes. I kind of stood there in total disbelieve that it even happened and then laughed hysterically while choking. How does an ALBINO skunk sneak up on you?! Seriously…..the walk back home was horrendous. I’m just trying to figure out why the darn thing was out during the day…aren’t they nocturnal! I’m all better now, but OMG was it hilarious.

jen mcken weight loss journey This was my first run/walk in the cold weather….so I bundled up and set out….with my new sneaks! No Excuses-right?!! <3[/caption]

jen mcken weight loss journey

Become a Promoter?!??!!: I get about 10 of these a month. People/Companies contact me to “capitalize” on my weightloss because they know I have a lot of followers. It kind of makes me sad. I had one company ask me if they could send me free samples so that I could “try” them and then talk about them on my blog. Basically, they wanted to capitalized from my hard work by making it look like I had used their product to get to where I am! It makes me sad and angry that they are tricking people because the weightloss industry is so huge.

Emerging yourself: I mentioned before how I correlated being in debt to being over weight in a previous post…but the more I think about it, it makes so much sense. Luckily I am NOT in debt, but back when I was trying to pay off my student loans, I emerged myself into all things “personal finance” to learn everything I could about how to get rid of that debt as quickly as possible. Everything I read or watched tv seemed to be around that topic…because I was focused on the end result…being debt free and owing no one ANYTHING! I realized the other day, that’s exactly what I’m doing with this whole “trying to lose weight thing”. I’m reading, watching and researching everything about it because it’s what I’m focused on. And let’s talk about that for a minute…focusing. Because some of your friends or family will take this the wrong way. I truly believe that if you emerge yourself into learning more, you only move closer to your goal. And because you’re emerging yourself, you tend to talk about it more often because it’s at the forefront of your mind……and it “CAN” get annoying for some people. Especially if they see YOU doing what they WANT to do but can’t find an excuse good enough to justify why they aren’t. Listen to me…they aren’t mad at YOU, they are frustrated with them selves. Rock on with your “emerge-ous-ness” (I think I made that up!) Seriously, do what YOU need to do to get healthy and it’s amazing how you attract the right people around you. I’ve met some of my life long friends thru this journey 🙂

So there ya have it, my October update. I hope that the next time I post one of these I’m way closer to my goal. 30 more to go…no matter how long it takes!


  • One of these days, whenever I get to finally meet you in person … You are gonna get the biggest hug ever. You are so inspiring and awesome on every level! 🙂

  • Amanda Kelly says:

    You. Are. Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • Chi Ebert-Pelo says:

    I love this blog post!!!!!! 70 pounds girl. MY OH MY. You ARE the cutest little photographer ever. Own that shiz 😉 MUAH! PS my FIRST goal is 100 and I’m 14 lbs. away from it!!!!

  • Kelly Press says:

    An inspiration, as always!! I love reading your blogs, and love seeing how happy and proud of yourself you are. Keep up the great work!

  • Katy McKinley says:

    I have troubles with my motivation. I do so well and am down 60-ish pounds and then I get plain tired of being “good”. Today is the first day of my new outlook and I’ll be in the 100 club with you too! Let’s do this Jen.

    PS. I think you’re amazing. And adorable. And relatable. And we need to be besties STAT.

  • Michele Adams says:

    keep up the good work! I am on the same journey! Love hearing about your progress 🙂

  • Brian Smiley says:

    Awesome stuff Jen! I am down 51lbs in 10 weeks now and my goal is 150, so my group will have to look down on you little 100 guys! 🙂 Keep it up, you are doing awesome.

  • Amanda Dawn says:

    Way to go!!! Every single post you make is always full of such positivity and great advice! Good luck on the rest of your weight loss journey. You look beautiful!

  • Alison Ullrich says:

    you, darling, are my biggest inspiration!!! 😀 YOU LOOK WONDERFUL!! Simply beautiful! You know my size… & I’ve started walking around town, doing some evening workouts, & changing my eating habits! I hope to also lose 100lbs. Hope someday soon I can pick up the running into my walking. Also hope with income $$$ I can purchase a treadmill. I’ve been using the Nike+ Running app on my phone… and I’ve been tracking my exercise & food on ! I luv you, & continue the excellent work!!! *Mwah*

  • Mandi Nixon Custer says:

    Jen, I too have taken my life by the horns, redirected and down 73 lbs. I had gone through some pretty stressful events in the past two years and needed to do something. My first problem, dealing with the divorce of my parents. It’s not easy at 38 either. And then in November I had a seizure. Total shocker to everyone, off of work for 4 weeks, no driving, alone. Long days, thinking. Finally returned to work, got my driving priviledge back and thought I was good. Then March 1st, another seizure….off work (again), not as long this time, but diagnosed with epilepsy, more meds, possibly getting a cholesterol pill added to my blood pressure meds and now seizure meds. No license for 6 months!!! UGH!!! I have a teenage son, an amazing husband, and I needed to make a lifestyle change! April I started, walking, just to get out of the house. Next thing I know, I am down 10 lbs. Started watching what I was eating, down 35 lbs. Then I realized, I need to do this, I CAN do this – I AM DOING THIS!!! Kudos to you. My goal is 140. These next few months will be hard, but I will succeed! Love reading your blog! You go girl!!! You look amazing!

  • Nicole Hutton says:

    you are GORGEOUS!!!!! Way to go 🙂

  • Dannielle Low says:

    keep up the great work!! tat’s a huge progress!! u’re one of our biggest motivation to stay healthy and keep fit!!

  • Mary ponce says:

    You are an inspiration to so many people but I’m gonna speak for myself in this comment.

    I have been large my whole life. Single parent family and guilt trips led to McDonald’s almost every night!
    When I was old enough to take responsibility for my food choices, I had no idea what I was doing. Fast forward to a year ago- when I was 243 pounds and not happy with myself. I took a trip to South Korea to visit my best friend and had no idea what I would come home with-perspective. Their way of life is nothing but physical activity and fresh food (no preservatives). I came back from their with a renewed view on life which helped kick off -my- weight loss journey

    I myself am 50 pounds lighter, but reading your blog post and seeing the similarities between your struggles and my struggles has motivated me to continue. There’s no choice of going back. I have read and re-read this post at least ten times because it is a reminder that I (we) am not alone.

    So keep kicking ass, and thank you for the inspiration 🙂

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