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what no one tells you….

By August 12, 2013 20 Comments

…..about losing weight. This has only really been my 3rd post talking openly about it. It’s not that it’s something I’m embarrassed about, but losing weight can be is a very personal thing. I want to reiterate, this is *MY* journey and the things I talk about are from my own experiences. I’m not an expert in health or fitness, I don’t have a degree on ANYTHING dealing with the body and I certainly am not an expert in the dietician field, I’m not here to sell you any type of pills, shakes, or weight-loss videos……I’m just sharing a bit of my story that it might encourage some of you who have written it off as impossible.

Here I am almost a month and half form my last post where I talked about officially loosing 50 pounds, and to date (as of this morning) I’ve lost an additional 10 more putting me at a total of 60 pounds that I’ve kissed goodbye! SIXTY POUNDS, seriously, 60 pounds is roughly what my 3rd grade daughter weighs. That’s insane to me!!!

I’m a huge Dave Ramsey fan. I’ve read almost all of his books and if you know me well enough, you know that I love all things personal finance. From budgeting to investing in sanlam shares for an extra income, if there’s anything to do with personal finance, I want to know! It interests me so much that in my next life, I want to be a personal finance counselor….if there is a such thing! I just think that it’s so important to have a handle on your finances so that you plan accordingly for the future. I know it can be tough but with a little help, a financial plan can be put into place. Anyways, I mention this because while reading his books and learning from other sources like talking to national debt relief experts (to find more information go to their website) and getting ourselves out of debt (I finally paid off my student loans last year..woot woot!) I felt like it was in many ways, the same as loosing weight. You feel like you can never do it, it takes a while and a lot of presistance, a lot of sacrifice, not being afraid of “being weird” (all the Ramsey fans will get that) and it’s much like getting gazelle intensive and doing your baby steps and eventually it snow balls into success. I kind of looked at this whole thing the same way. I thought OK, I sacrificed some things to get out of debt and thought THAT was impossible…so why can’t I do THIS!? When all is said and done, I’d love to say that I’ve lost a total of 100 pounds, so I’m going to continue my gazelle intensiveness and look at it this way. I’ve already paid back 60 pounds, I’m going to get out of the debt of 40 more pounds. I OWE it to myself! I’m going to be weird…as Dave says!

During one of my “feeling sorry for myself plateau’s” I dug around in some of my photos and found this. It made me feel a little bit better of my progress so far. I look a little less “puffy” now. I should mention, all the photos are taken with my iphone….you know, so that they are “authentic!” 🙂

And this one was taken around the 55 pound mark, but it’s so so surreal to compare them side by side.

Anyways……..I’m in month 8 and about a month or two into my journey, I created a note on my iphone called “things that no one told me”. I’d type things on it as they came up or as something crossed my mind and over the course of 8 months I’ve accumulated a list of things that no one told me (or that I never realized) when I was trying to loose weight. Again, these are all from my own experiences but since I’m writing and lots of people wanted an update…here they are in no particular order.

1. Lossing weight is easier when you’re optimistic.
2. Yes, it can be expensive: shrinking out of your clothes, buying healthier food, purchasing memberships, or shrinking out of your diamond ring and convincing your man you need/want a new ring! haha!
3. Your water bill will go up from showering twice a day.
4. Sports bras are your friend…ladies, can I get an A-Men and a hallelujah!!??
5. You will live in workout clothes so that you can go “workout” whenever you get the urge.
6. Your wardrobe will be very limited. Partly because you have shrunk out of your clothes and the fact that you live in your workout clothes. You’ll find creative ways to dress up a pair of sweatpants! haha!
7. It’s sooooo much easier if you have a friend going thru the journey with you. Mine has been Cherie (luv ya girrrrrl), and if it wasn’t for her post on facebook back in January, I’m not sure I’d be 60 pounds less today. She was looking for a workout buddy…..and out of all the people that responded, we’re the only two that stuck with it! <3 8. Reiterating number 6, you will have very little "cute" clothes because you keep wanting to wait just a little longer before buying new stuff because you're hoping to loose just a leeeeeetle bit more before you invest in new clothes. 9. Everyone will notice that you've lost a bit of weight and ask you "how you're doing it", but the minute you mention exercise, they have selective hearing...haha! 10. You spend lots of time planning your meals before your days out so that you don't get "stuck"..which leads to an obsession of cute little containers. 11. You will want to punch the scale in the's a little deceiving piece of equipment! And when it's not the number you wanted to see, you'll convince yourself of things like, "well, I haven't pooped yet", or "I just swallowed some water while brushing my teeth". haha! 12. Technology is your friend. I've downloaded an app called Withings which has allowed me to track my daily weight. I know people say not to weight yourself every day, but doing so this past several months, I can notice a pattern. It's reassuring to know there's a pattern, I find comfort in that. 13. Believe it or not, you'll go from dreading a workout, to feeling anxious when you can't get one in. Who'd have thought it? I've heard that some people get so anxious that they start looking for the best CBD oil in their area to help them to get into a positive mindset again. It’s never been that bad for me, but I can understand how missing a workout could help them to feel like this.
14. As soon as someone brings up your weight loss, people will share their crazy diets that they’ve done…just smile and nod.
15. The BMI chart is soooo stupid! mmm-kay!? K!
16. When buying workout clothes, buy clothes that you feel good in, it will make you want to workout….trust me on this!
17. Not everyone will be supportive….expect it so that you’re not surprised. I don’t have a concrete answer as to why, but some people just won’t support it. They’ll be judgmental, jealous perhaps that they don’t have your will power, or
18. You can be consistant in your workouts….but your losses won’t be….it’s normal and OK, push thru.
19. When your workout intensity goes up…so can the number on the scale….don’t get discouraged, you’re building muscle. Refer to #11 when this happens!
20. It’s an emotional roller coaster. It makes breaking up with your 6th grade boyfriend a piece of cake! haha!
21. Lossing weight won’t solve your body image issues. If I’m being honest, there are times when I step on the scale and see the number go down, but I don’t feel like I LOOK like it. It’s not until you see someone you haven’t seen in a while and seeing their reaction.
22. The weight-loss shows…..ok, they can be inspiring, but let’s be realistic….they aren’t realistic! Normal people have jobs, children to look after and we don’t have a crew come into our house and create us a state of the art gym. And seriously it’s reality TV….and we all know there’s nothing “real” about it…..but I do like watching that garbage!
23. Big Company “before and after shots” ok being a photographer, we all know that these are lighting and posing tricks. I’m not saying that they didn’t loose the weight they claim, but by having professional lighting and posing, you can make someone appear much smaller.
24. Have a list of go-to foods that you keep handy at all times so when you get the urge (because it will happen) you can go straight to them and not feel guilty.
25. You’ll annoy your friends and wait staff when going out to restaurants. You’ll take longer to order when figuring out your best option and asking alot of “can we leave that off, or what’s in it, or can I have that one the side”.
26. You need a routine like WHOAH! I’m not talking about a dance routine, although that would probably help..haha! I’m talking about a schedule for the week. Just like you plan your meals, or plan a date out with friends, PLAN your workouts when possible into your routine.
27. I tend to plateau around the same weight on the way back DOWN the scale as I did on the way UP the scale. It’s weird, but it’s like your body remembers. I was at a very specific weight right after Mallory was born for a good year, and low and behold on the way down the scale, I plateaued at that same number…I pushed thru and eventually, I broke the plateau. This has happened 4 times so far.
30. Persistant people win……at anything! But specifically at weight-loss
31. Measure yourself, measure yourself, measure yourself….for those days you’re hard on yourself because the scale didn’t move. Measure yourself and compare it to the month before. Just because the scale didn’t move doesn’t mean you didn’t loose inches. I wish someone would have told me this YEARSSSS ago.
32. Create a “weight loss ” photo folder on your phone. And when you come across inspiring quotes, or take photos of your self, put them in there for the days you’re not feeling so great. It’s awesome to visit them and see how far you’ve come.
33. Don’t get hard on yourself for how far you still have to go, reward yourself with how far you’ve already gone! This was HUGE for me. <3 34. I got my life back. I have so much more energy to do stuff with my family...which leads to more family time and more photos! haha!

I mentioned this app above called “withings”, it just helps track my progress from day to day. You can actually see how my weight has fluctuated over the past several months. If I would have given up the minute the graph went back up, I would have fallen right back into my previous “give up this isn’t working behavior”. The other picture is the bags of clothes that I got to donate to charity because they no longer fit…..they were TOO BIG!!!!! Oh and one of my favorite snacks….zucchini freakin good!

And lastly, I’m just putting this out there……my goal is to run a 5k. I’ve been practicing and trust me, I’m no where near being able to run it the whole way thru, but I can tell ya, it’s sure easier to run without an extra 60 pounds!!! <3 <3

So there ya have it folks…….Month 8 and still going strong. Greg and I talked about it several times now, we’re in the process of picking a “vacation” spot to travel to once I reach my goal so that I have something to look forward to. And before I leave, I’m going to punch the BMI chart in the face…….kidding.not.kidding. I know these last 40 pounds are going to take longer to come off..but it’s a good thing I don’t give up easy….not this time around! <3

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  • Ty Alexander says:

    Looking good!! I’ve been on that same trip for the last 4 months I’m down 36lbs and feeling awesome! Thanks for sharing your story it’s things like this that keep me on track.

  • Chi Pelo says:

    Love this blog!!!! My goal is 100 lb loss by Christmas. I’m have 35 to go!!! I need to step up my workouts! More frequently and work harder. I’m enjoying your journey!!! Keep it up!

  • Jessica A Kardos says:

    Great post! I am trying to lose baby weight and kick Sallie Mae out of the door. I love your baby steps application to losing weight. Stay weird!

  • Joelle Watt says:

    dear you inspire me in alot of ways, but I think the biggest way is just your attitude…about anything.
    and I hope this makes you happy (not disappointed ::), when I say, that looking at pictures you post of yourself, oh my gosh, I SEE the weight loss! but when we got together, what I saw was most was your smile and yep, your attitude.
    i’m happy to know you cookie, and I feel really lucky that I get to have you be in my life:)
    big hug!

  • Sue Anne Ward says:

    You look great and have inspired many, many followers!

  • Cynthia Salazar says:

    A few years ago I buckled down and lost 25lbs, I felt great, but then I had a health scare and instead of driving me forward…i let it set me back. I’ve gained back that 25lbs+ and I’m still finding it hard to start up again. It feels so restrictive and I’m the type of woman who doesn’t like being told what to do, even when I’m telling my self. LOL. I loved your list, 1-34 were all things I’ve encountered before and you’ve helped me take a step forward towards trying again. I thank you for being an inspiration.

  • Krissy Vanderwoude says:

    I am so proud of you, and so inspired by you! You are beautiful regardless, but you are really glowing in these “after” pix. Congrats! I hope to have a similar story of my own some day soon.

  • Kimberly Vensel says:

    Being a HUGE Dave Ramsey fan, I can totally relate! We got out of debt thanks to Dave’s steps. Now I’m trying to lose some weight also and need to get gazelle intense. I lost it before – I can do it again! This time for good! Keep up the great work! And thank you for sharing your journey! It is inspiring!

  • Janna Rice says:

    You look amazing and you are an true inspiration. I started exercising in January and I lost 10 pounds, but have gained them back. However, my clothes fit better, I feel so much better and although I thought I would have lost 40 pounds by now I am still happy that I chose to begin exercising regularly. In a future post could you talk about how you changed your diet? Do you count calories and how many hours a week do you work out? I ran a 5k in May, and although I had to walk some of it, it still felt like a huge accomplishment. Thanks for posting your story.

  • Karey Kelly Sizemore says:

    I found that measurements were a much more accurate way to measure my progress. And totally agree with #9 and love it when people tell you what your doing wont work, when it is totally working!

  • Krystal Tirado says:

    Well said girly. You are a rock star keep it up! 🙂

  • Stephanie Zahlmann says:

    I am so SUPER proud of you! As a photographer, I was really happy to be behind the camera, but I also felt a lot of angst taking pictures of such beautiful people while being completely unhealthy and frumpy! I started my health journey a couple years ago and went on to lose 145 lbs. I’ve never felt better or more confident in my life! Keep up the good work – you’re changing many more lives than just yourself, and you’re setting a great example for your daughter to follow! *hugs

  • Lori Ellis Desmarais says:

    In a hurry….gotta run….so I’ll post the first comment that came to my mind….”Sexy Girl”.

  • Kyla Hunziger says:

    Fantastic! Love your approach to losing weight. And I’m so proud of you for hanging in there! So many people just don’t understand the gift they can give themselves through exercise and healthy eating… and they give up so easily. But it is SOOOOO worth all the hard work and sacrifice. You are over halfway to meeting your goal! You’ll be running that 5k before you know it! Keep up the great work. ((hugs))

  • Lisa Shacreaw Gismondi says:

    This is so awesome! AND I can relate to just about EVERYTHING you mentioned above! I am on month 2 of my journey. I have to tell you – do it now because the older you get (and I’m an old fart)it is even harder to let the pounds ago… are doing FANTASTIC!

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