donelle | blairsville high school senior

By November 5, 2013 One Comment

Sometimes……”sometimes” I’m reluctant to admitting who I’m related to (don’t lie, you do too!) but this one…….yeah, I’ll claim her!

Meet Donelle! She’s my cousin…..and she’s gorgeous! And I won’t lie…..this shoot makes me feel old, I mean, I remember when she was only “thissssssss high”!! You know, back when I walked both ways to school, up hill, barefoot, in the snow. *sigh*


She’s starting nursing school next fall <3


You-so-pretty!!!! <3


I could never grow my hair that long, mine always looked so raggedy…but yours is gooooorgeous!


Hey long legs!


Miss Donelle, I’m so proud of who you’ve become and I see big things in your future!

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