Mexico: day 5 | long walks on the beach

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I love the colors of the ocean…the colors of BEING at the ocean. I could lay there all day listening to the waves and watching the seagulls fly overhead…and have you ever noticed, there’s ALWAYS laughter at the beach- it’s my happy place.

We never traveled there growing up…the closest we got was a little creek near my hometown called “Yellow Creek” (creek, not crick people) and if you live in Indiana County you know EXACTLY where I’m talking about…haha! Other than that we had gone to Lake Erie quite a bit camping and I have LOTS of found memories from both of those places growing up….however, I remember the very first time my toes touched the ocean. I went to Ocean City for senior week in high school with all of my close friends. Since then, I’ve been to MANYYYYY beaches both domestically and internationally…and you just can’t help but fall in love with the colors in the Caribbean! I love the colors so much, they are incorporated into my home decor/colors in my home! <3

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Every trip to the beach we always take at least one afternoon/evening to just walk miles down the beach. This time was no different and we found lots of little treasures along the way. The picture above (of the spikey thing), I almost stepped on. I still have no idea what is…(if you do, I’d love to know) but the spikes moved when you touched them..or the wind blew. It didn’t move BECAUSE of the wind but it was alive and moving. We asked a few of the local fisherman, but they didn’t seem to know either. It almost looked like piece of something larger….either way, it was really cool. I’ll probably feel really dumb when I find out what it actually is! haha! We named him spike! 🙂

mexico 2014-1654mexico 2014-1619 A fellow photographer spotted us walking along the beach and saw my camera. She came over to say hello and asked if we’d like to have our photo taken. So I handed over my camera and she snapped this for me! I swear…I have two legs! haha! mexico 2014-1594

Greg snapped this one of Mallory and I. <3

mexico 2014-1572

And in true fashion, my little model Mallory. I have a canvas on my wall of her from every trip to the beach….. now the tough part will be deciding which one to hang for this trip! I think I may need to move my world map canvas to my bedroom to make space in my office!

mexico 2014-1554mexico 2014-1533mexico 2014-1506mexico 2014-1474

mexico 2014-1461mexico 2014-1437mexico 2014-1426

We found a poor little star fished washed up on the beach…and the little thing in my hand is a crab. He was so tiny and blended in so well with the shells and rock on the beach. Mallory was scared to hold him…so I chased her around on the beach with him in my hand…and then released him back on the beach.

mexico 2014-1373

I wore my (orange bracelet) UP band while on vacation, and it says that we walked an average of 7 miles per day while on vacation.

mexico 2014-1358mexico 2014-1347

Tomorrow I’ll be posting images from our adventures in Playa Del Carmen! Mallory bartered for a bracelet…she made me so proud!

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  • Sharon Jackson says:

    My goodness how she has grown! Your daughter is darling! You loook fab!!!!!!!! So happy for your awesome year of success! You go Girl!!!!!

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