Mexico: day 6+7 | playa del carmen

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Our last day was bitter sweet. I think by day 7 we were ready to go home…we were water logged and sun burnt-despite reapplying sunscreen a million times….so we decided to end the trip with an adventure into Playa Del Carmen!

Playa del Carmen is a cute little area that originally was a fishing town and was used for passenger ferry service for those going to Cozumel’s….but due to tourism, it has been transformed into a cute little town that has tons of culture. I wish we had so much more time to explore the cute little nooks and crannies of the street. Mallory bartered for the first time for a pink bracelet, there was music, restaurants and tons of stops….and lots and lots of color-my favorite! 🙂

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mexico 2014-1706 mexico 2014-1713 Such bright happy colors! I loved the little shopping carts bade out of wooden crates. mexico 2014-1728 Every corner you turned shop owners were standing outside of their stores trying to get you to come inside. Some of them were quite clever! mexico 2014-1736mexico 2014-1738mexico 2014-1748 This guys saw me taking photos, so he got my attention and then said “Voque” in his Mexican accent and started posing for me! tee he he!! mexico 2014-1757mexico 2014-1761 There was so much artwork along the streets. Photographers and painters would set up their little areas in the middle of the streets. Mexico has some very talented artists, that’s for sure! mexico 2014-1788 I wish it wouldn’t be wierd to have Carribean Colored house in small town USA…I’d be that house on the street with all the bright colors! haha! mexico 2014-1790mexico 2014-1801   We had an amazing time in Mexico. I’m so happy Mallory got to experience the culture and that we got to spend lots of quality time together as a family. I’m not sure where we’ll go next year but I know know that Santorini, Greece is on my list of places I will go when I reach my 100 pound weight loss goal. I know that will be amazing!!

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