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how I deliver your digital files | digitized

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When you work with lots and lots of files like I do in photography, you always have to make sure your process is foolproof. I make back-ups of every photo I take, know my local hard drive data recovery service just in case I ever need them, keep all the photos secure so there’s no way they can be stolen or deleted, the list goes on. So why am I talking about the digital side of my business? Well, because I have two options when it comes to getting your final edited images and thought I would go into them for you. For portrait sessions, there’s the traditional way of ordering prints….. and then….. I offer the digital file collections- which cost more upfront, but you are then granted the printing rights to reproduce your images for unlimited personal use, most clients opt for the digital choice. Going digital is definitely in line with how society is progressing towards a complete digital transformation that will affect everyone including businesses. However, with weddings, the digital files come with the packages. I often get asked during bridal consultations how the digital files from their wedding day will be delivered…and since the process is the same for my wedding clients AND portrait clients who order the digital files, I thought I would show you! 🙂

How will you receive your digital files?!

Long gone are the days of floppy discs….and soon the days of CD’s and flash drives. As a matter of fact, it’s no surprise that Apple’s new versions don’t have a disc drive! In an effort to stay current with the times, and to make YOUR life ohh-so easy, I have been delivering all digital files from your wedding (and portrait sessions who choose the digital version) on a customized site that will not only allow you to download your images directly onto any hard drive of your choice, but you’re also able to share them with friends and family and on social media. Let’s face it, you spent A LOT of time and money on creating your perfect day, you want to show them off! 🙂

I deliver all of my digital files on a customized website where you can view, share and download your images right from there! Check out an example here:

Turn around time is so much FASTER!!
As I mentioned before, efficiency is important in any business…but especially in the photography business and I take great pride in being efficient and running my business like a well oiled machine. Many businesses who need to have a way of sending files or documents between themselves and clients look into the utility of something like a client portal, like FCDMS’ Sharefile replacement, as a secure method of doing this and will likely wonder how on earth they have done without one for so long. My clients LOVE this because they are able to get the images much faster than waiting for the disc or usb to arrive snail mail. Also, the option for clients to download the images multiple times on multiple computers is super convenient. If Aunt Barb wants to download some images, she can do so without you having to lend your disc out and then going thru the hassle of getting it back.


We live in the digital age:
We live in an information and digital age, there is no getting around that. Most of us (if not all of us) has a smart phone or the capability of accessing the internet from some hand held device and it’s how we’re sharing. Sure, I love prints and will always love the prints, but when my clients WANT an easier way to share their images, as a business owner, I’m going to listen. Most of my clients add-on a wedding album with their packages anyway they just want an easy way to share the rest of the images with friends and family.


Downloading is SOOO easy:
It’s as easy as downloading individual images (which is what friends and family usually do) OR you can download the entire gallery. In the bottom right hand corner there is a button called “download” it prompts you to create an account and then automatically proceeds to the download for you. You receive a zip file of the images which youdouble click on and then wa-la, you have access to all the images!

I love that clients can see their day unfold with how the images are presented in the gallery. I just feel like when the images are presented together it helps round out the story as opposed to having to go thru each individual image. I’m taking my client’s word for it…and they seem to LOVE it!

If you’ve had a portrait session with me in the past and you want to upgrade to the digital file collection, contact me (using the contact button at the top) and I can get your customized site ready for you!

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