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fall 2014 short sessions | get’em while they’re hot!

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I was able to move a few things around and make some more room for 3 more sessions in October….my newsletter peeps got first dibs, but if you’re still interested and want to get on the schedule, make sure to contact me using the email below! 🙂

I don’t shoot perfect portraits, I don’t do “backdrops, cheesy props OR selective color” if that’s what you’re going for, trust me, I’m NOT your gal. I love interaction, I love goofiness, I love giggles and belly laughs, I love laid back clients …..let’s face it, ANYONE can take your photos to show you what you looked like, but I want to photograph you so you can remember what it feels like. And I’m being brutally honest, these photos aren’t for you mom (or dad), they are for your kids to hold onto and look back and FEEL what it was like to be loved. I think that it’s why I shoot the way I do, in some ways, I’m shooting your family the way I WISH my family would have been photographed.

One thing I wish I had more than anything growing up, was more photos of my family…all together…as one unit. Mom was never *IN* the photos because she was always taking them, and Dad was never *IN* the photo because well….he hated his photo taken, so there are lots of my sister and I (mostly separate) and it makes me sad now that I’m older.  You all know the story of how I got started in photography, and in case you don’t you can read that here. My point is, I don’t have any images of my mom hugging me, no images of my dad giving me kisses, no shots of us giggling and acting goofy… 🙁 and this is the reason I love what I do so very much. I create something tangible that you can hold on to, point at and SHOW that you existed and were loved! It has a huge impact on how and why I shoot…..<3


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.44.13 PM

What are Short Sessions?

Short Sessions are sweet and to the point-a 30 minute Short Session of your family (up to 6), and for the first time……we’re including seniors and e-sessions in the mix!

Please note: this offer does not apply for newborn sessions. If you’re interested in an extended family shoot (aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.) please contact me for pricing.

With the holidays right around the corner (depressing, I know!), I’ve been getting a ton of emails requesting family photos. Some of you just want a simple shot of your family for this year’s Christmas cards and some of you don’t need an ENTIRE full blown session…Short Sessions would be prefect for you. They are also perfect for families with small children because we all know……children have very short attentions spans so dragging out a 2 hour session wouldn’t be ideal for you (in most cases).

Email me at to get on the schedule. Short Sessions must be paid in FULL to hold your time slot-sorry no exceptions and you MUST be on time. If we have to start late, it means less shooting time…BOO!

You will receive a 30-40 minute session for $150. This includes  a $50 print credit to be used towards your order. Please note: your print credit must be used within the first 5 days of proofing. Weekend dates are not available, the only available dates are Tuesdays, Wedensday and Thursdays. Once we figure out a day and time, I send you a booking link to make it official. Once it’s on the calender and your retainer is paid….it’s allllllll yours!

I can’t wait to hear your ideas!!

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