john + alysia | fall rustic portraits

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I know all too well how incredibly hard it is the shed some pounds….I’ve been on my own weight loss journey and right when I get frustrated and want to quit, BOOM someone like Alysia comes along and gives me some much needed motivation!! This gal has lost OVER 100 pounds and there’s nothing stopping her from going for even more! LOTS of hours in the gym and I  have to say, I just met her yesterday, but I’m so incredibly proud of her! She contacted me to say that she needed some updated photos since she looks a little different than she did in her wedding photos! I was honored to have photographed her! 🙂

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Alysia, you look amazing gurl!!

blairsville pa photographerOhhhh and that is John, her hubby! He was such a great sport!! 🙂

blairsville pa photographerblairsville pa photographer
blairsville pa photographer

And of course we had to play in the leaves…duh!! haha!

lblairsville pa photographerblairsville pa photographer

Alysia it was such a pleasure to meet the two of you! Ohh and I forgot to tell you….Greg and I met online too! 🙂

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